[PC] Blood and Sands PVP Soothing, x4 Harvest, x2 XP Raid Bases

Server Name: Blood and Sand PVP

Server location: US West Coast pre-paid for a year.

Direct Connect:

PVP 24/7- drop loot on death

Raid times:

Weekdays: 1700-1900 PST

Weekends: 1200-0000 PST


Server setting: Relaxed

Gathering rate x4

Thrall conversion x2

XP rate per kill x2

Admin style: Hands-off, with few rules. We want it to run like an official, without the griefing/cheating. Admin will step in if needed, but those instances should be few and far between. Will work with moderators to create PVP events such as mount races and friendly PVP arena events. 1 admin and 2 moderators

Play Style: Casual PVP- we expect to get raided and lose stuff, it’s all part of the fun after-all, but most of us are casual players with family/job commitments who just want to have fun. We try to get by with only two server rules: “No cheating,” and “Don’t be a dick.” We raid and steal stuff, almost never take everything, leave new guys alone (at least until they hit level 60), help each other rebuild after raiding (if you’re cool about it), and only completely wipe those who violate the two rules. If you like to dupe, undermesh, obelisk camp, kite world bosses, “Day zero” wipe people for no reason, etc. you probably won’t enjoy the server. If you want to have some casual PVP fun with like minded people, give us a try!

Server settings are close to official’s, with 4x gather rates, crafting time/ Thrall conversion are doubled and XP is slightly boosted as well. Resource rate and etc. is set to default settings. Sorry, no 10x rates here. What’s the rush? You’ll be here a long time!