[PC] Broken Isles [Vanilla] [RPPvP] [Events] Active Admin

Hello and welcome!

I am glad that you have come to read about my server. Our server is a Vanilla server pvp/rp. I have a vision with the server I have created, that is to put together a great community to enjoy the game with. There are a few simple rules on our server, feel free to swing by the discord to check them out.

I would like to find more like minded people that are interested in the role-play aspect of the game as well as forming together and building huge event buildings. (But do not worry PVPer’s as you are welcome too! KOS is allowed.) Things that come to mind are a place for stalls for merchants to sell their wares, a Colosseum for events, vs dragons, players etc. winner take all type of things as well as archery contests. Long and short of it is I’m looking for some great, mature players that are interested in a private server with other mature people. We also just finished one of the Community centers in the desert. This includes crafting stations, large well, food, iron tools, and more!

The server is located in Central US. quite a low ping no matter the location (even my VPN in Europe) do not fear!

*** Role play names are enforced***

Thank you for your time.

If you are still reading here is the discord information: https://discord.gg/E6zaRTc