**PC**[EU](FR)[PVP] Looking for players

Hi guys we are 2 french guys 26 yo playing conan since EA with pauses between patch.
We actually have some experience on late game but sadly our serveur pop goes down so we decide to moove to an offi server for more end game content.

But at last but not least its out of purpose to restart with only 2 member in our clan.
So yeah we are checking for new members. We’ll prefer french mates just for langage issue. As you can see our English is quite poor :confused: . But we are aware of any ppl since they can at least speak a bit English.

Like i said before we have some experience even we have not all discover yet so we have no problem with ppl starting the game and looking for a clan too.
In Fact only conditions are to be 18+ yo and have discord or any other vocal set up
See u guys. Steam ID : Feedeur Castro discord: Twolaklass#4629

and its a bump!!!

BUMP we are 3 now 2 more slots :wink:

up still 3 slot on 1097 offi new player accepted

not 1097 but 1099 sry guys we are 3 in a full base T3 2 slots open weapons given BUMP Need 2 players french pref


French speaker here (lived in france for 7 years) hope thats ok.

Can i join you in 1099?

hey there we are 4 atually if u come we are 5
and if u speak french np itsh the only rule !!

its not even a rule its just cause we are so bad in English in pvp situation use our native language is more sure and pratical

https://discord.gg/VnjfkV there is our discord i u want join us

i have to afk like 2 hours

Up we re now 6 players 2 60 and 2 English ppl others are french

hey, vous pouvez ajouter mon discord ? YmirGaming_YTB#7654