[PC][EU/PL] IsleOfAlliances.com [New - 1 week][PlXP1/H2/ThXP2]

Isle Of Alliances is a PVP server designed to give players the best Conan Exiles PVP experience.

Are you a player that enjoys PVP?
Are you tired of joining PVP servers only to be wiped by larger clans?
Are you tired of cheaters?
Are you looking for server with simple rules?
If so, then this is the right server for you.
On Isle Of Alliances there are no clans (max 1 player in clan) so all depends on your skills. Of course, you can make any number of alliances with other players.

On our server the admin account is only used to ban people who break the rules.

Server name: “[EU/PL] IsleOfAlliances.com [PlXP1/H2/ThXP2]”
Start: 04 July 2021, 20:00 CET
Location: Germany (Frankfurt)
Map: Isle Of Siptah
Players Exp: 1x*
Thralls Exp: 2x
Harvest: 2x
Crafting time: 0.5x
Building damage: 0.5x
Max clan size: 1
PVP: enabled 24/7
Dynamic Building Damage: on
Players capacity: 40

*On server list it shows 0.5x, but trust me, it’s 1x


  • Wednesday - 21:00-22:00 CET
  • Saturday - 21:00-23:00 CET
  • “Dynamic Building Damage” is on (you can be raided ANYTIME you are online)

Discord: IsleOfAlliances

More info on our website: http://isleofalliances.com/