[PC][EU][PVP] Cartulis Server WIPED 30/05/2018 [3x Farm - 5x EXP][70 Slots High Performance Server]

¡New Conan Exiles PVP Server!

WIPED 30/05/2018

We come to present you our new server of conan exiles PVP. We have spent several weeks optimizing the server and have managed to have a server with a pretty good performance.

Our Server is hosted in France and works with a TickRate of 60Server FPS. With an average of 60/70 people the Server FPS are maintained on 10/15/20 and a very Good Ping.

No Admin Abuse and no Admin interference with players. if you need help then join the discord.

  • Direct IP Connect:
  • Location of Server: France
  • Max capacity of server: 70

===== Server Rules =====

  • Speak in English
  • Raid Schedules:

MON - FRI (17:00 to 23:00)
SAT-SUN (12:00am to 23:00)

===== Server Settings =====

  • EXP Rates: x5
  • Gather Rates: x3
  • Clan Size: 3
  • Drop Equipment on Death: Yes
  • God Avatars Enabled: No
  • Containers Ignore Ownership: Yes

See you on the Server!