PC [EU] Wildlands PvP | Launched 12/05/20 | Pickup+ & cosmetic mods | Indestructible Buildings | PvP: ON | Purge: ON | 1.5X

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New and hosted in Europe, Wildlands aims to bridge the gap between PvP and PvE, allowing players the comfort of keeping their valuables safe at home in expense of a harder time in the wild. Corpses can be looted allowing for a rewarding PvP experience.


  • Wipe 12/05/20 (Monthly wipe or longer depending on what the players want).
  • Max clan size: 5 - I wanted to create a server with smaller clans in mind.
  • NPC’s are slightly stronger x1.1 (Included as a pay off for the luxury of a safe base, open for change).
  • 1.5X Harvest & Experience rate.
  • Target lock disabled.
  • Indestructible buildings.
  • Lose items on death.
  • Anyone can loot corpses.
  • Cosmetic mods (facepaint/hair etc).
  • Pickup+ mod (Allows you to pick up items you’ve already placed).

If you have any questions or any feedback I’d love to hear what you think! Feel free to join the server:

Type: PvP
Servername: [EU] 12/05 Wildlands

Server slots will increase with demand
(I’m not paying for slots that aren’t being used!)

Could anyone let me know if the link provided are working, thanks