PC Game Pass dedicated Server

Hi everyone, I was wondering how the dedicated server worked for the game pass edition as it just shows a small window saying that closing it will shut the server down. How do I name the server etc? I installed that steam dedicated server launcher in case I need it.

Thanks in advance for any reply recieved :slight_smile:

Wasn’t aware there was a Game Pass only server tool.

I would suggest using this one. It doesn’t require a Steam account or Conan to be installed on the machine for that matter.

Game pass stuff is still very new and there is very little information on everything. If you run into trouble with the dedicated server app, post in the thread I linked and ask Toolguy for advice.

Cheers for the advice Multigun, I’ll give it a bash, I initially installed this thinking I needed the steam version but now I know that is not the case. Thanks again

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