(PC) House Diavolo-D'Oro Recruiting (Game of Kings RP/PvP server)


Greetings all!

I am a member of (clan) House Diavolo-D’oro on the Game of Kings unofficial server of Conan Exiles.

We focus a bit more on the PvP aspect of the server, but enjoy the RP aspect as well. Recently, we lost a few of our members due to events outside our control and are hoping to move forward with some new recruits.

The two most important aspects that we are looking for in recruits is that they are active and have a desire and willingness to learn both about the game in general and the server-specific system. We are currently the leading clan on the server and hope to keep it that way.

EDIT: Also, extremely willing to help newer members get leveled up and situated.

If you haven’t heard of the server before I recommend checking out these links:

If you any of that interests you or you have any questions go ahead and send me a private message on here, friend me on discord, or join the server linked below:

Server discord: https://discord.gg/Wh6PtQu

My Discord: Curatorr (Drew)#4210

Thank you for taking the time to read/respond to this thread and have a great day!