(PC) Lewd, Prison for the wicked (Adult) PV”X” E/RP (PC) Fresh wipe 9/10

… Bound by the chains of desire and thrown into a world where Domination is the ultimate form of strength, will you master those chains or be drug into submission? Surrender your soul to the corruption of this cursed land of bondage leather and lace.

Come build your story with us. Bring yourself and your friends or come to make new ones. Everyone 18+ is welcome.

Free kits, Lvl 60 boost, warps, all players have TPR/TPA, coming soon Custom quests, events, dungeons and more as we grow.

“Join our growing family” please take a minute to fill out a consent form and have some fun with your backstory.

Rules are easy
Adults only 21+ preferred
Read and respect consent sheets
No kink shaming.
Don’t be a douche canoe

RP/ERP slaver and quality of life mods see discord for full current mod list. (this will be in flux until all the fuc*ery from the funcom update shakes out.)

Discord xr4dtKq