[PC] Murphys Wasteland. Exiled Lands AND Siptah! NO WIPES

Hello and well met, Exile! Are you looking for new, exciting lands to conquer, with like-minded players in an exciting yet friendly environment? Today is your lucky day!

Murphys Wasteland - Exiled Lands Server - Direct Connect:
2X Harvest
3X Experience
Active Admin (never admin abuse!) - Helpful staff
Unique, 6 Tier Custom Quests
Weekly Server Events
EEWA - LVL300.

Discord Information: https://discord.gg/8AVC2xt

Come join Murphys Wasteland! Our dedicated, active Admin team is strong and includes 2 dedicated Modders, running 2 unique mods made specifically for Murphy’s Wasteland! Our unique weekly events and custom quest lines continue to grow every day. We are a great community with room for everyone - PVP-ers, free builders and RP are all welcome here. One of our defining features is the revamped Conquest system, designed to encourage PVP without the free-builders feeling like they will lose everything they have worked hard for and still give everyone a chance to do some PVP hackin’ and slashin’. Come join the fun!

Join the Discord for the mod list, which has been curated for maximum fun and increased content but is not completely overwhelming and bloated.

Fancy something new and enticing, a chaotic land full of wonder and excitement? Well, we have that too!

Murphys Conquest Island - Isle of Siptah Server - Direct Connect:

Clan size 10!
2X Harvest
1.5X Experience
PVP (moving toward Conquest in the coming weeks!)

Our Siptah server is currently geared for a mostly Vanilla feel, with a few boosted settings to keep the grind feel to something that everyday folks can enjoy while also keeping them engaged. Over the coming weeks we will continue to meet and debate on mods to add to the experience, if any! (We do run Pippi for Admin functions).