[PC][NA] CFC PvP 5x-Purge-Raid Times-Discord 70 Slot [6/15][LAG FREE]

DFC Presents Conan Fight Club!

We are throwing the best hardware at this server to give you the most lag free Conan experience ever! Come join us and enjoy Conan Exiles!

Server New 6/15 - 70 Slot
Direct Connect:
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  • 1/2 food and water drain to let you focus more on PvP
  • 5x XP and gather to allow for focus on PvP
  • Faster crafting
  • Faster resource respawn
  • Full nudity allowed
  • Thrall crafting time lower
  • Full open world PvP 24/7
  • Raiding during primetime on weekdays and all weekend.


  • Overclocked i7 @ 5GHz
  • 64GB DDR4 RAM
  • 2x 480GB NVMe SSD’s

Rules are listed in Discord:

Our server admins have been running servers since 2002 and currently maintain ARK and Conan servers for the Dino Fight Club community.

We have five admins spread across the NA region and eight helpers who can answer any questions players may have. Admins do not play on the servers at all. Helpers play on the servers but do not have any admin powers within the servers themselves so there will never be admin abuse here in CFC.


  • PlayerIdleThirstMultiplier=0.5
  • PlayerActiveThirstMultiplier=0.5
  • PlayerOfflineThirstMultiplier=0.5
  • PlayerIdleHungerMultiplier=0.5
  • PlayerActiveHungerMultiplier=0.5
  • PlayerOfflineHungerMultiplier=0.5
  • PlayerXPRateMultiplier=5.000000
  • PlayerXPKillMultiplier=5.000000
  • RestrictPVPBuildingDamageTime=True
  • PVPBuildingDamageTimeWeekdayStart=16:00
  • PVPBuildingDamageTimeWeekdayEnd=01:00
  • PVPBuildingDamageTimeWeekendStart=13:00
  • PVPBuildingDamageTimeWeekendEnd=01:00
  • ItemConvertionMultiplier=0.6
  • HarvestAmountMultiplier=5.000000
  • ResourceRespawnSpeedMultiplier=2.000000
  • MaxNudity=2

Server is coming along nicely! Come join us!

Server updated automatically to newest version, come join us for launch!

Launch day HYPE!!! Come join us and enjoy Conan Exiles!

Humpday! Come play with us!

Weekend is almost here, join us and have an awesome Conan experience!

Happy Mother’s day to all our gamer mommy’s!

We have moved to a NEW more powerful dedicated box just for you guys! NEW IP is:

Server is all updated! Come join us!

2nd server has been added!

Server #1 New 5/8 - Currently 50 Slot
Direct Connect:
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Server #2 New 5/18 - 70 Slot
Direct Connect:
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New server is up and fresh, claim your land and become the conqueror!

Second servers population is climbing! If you want a nice place to play Conan with set raid times then come join us quick before all the good spots are taken!

The weekend is here and there is fun to be had! Come play with us!

this looks awesome - I have a clan of 5 I can bring on. Is there room?

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Yes we have room! Come join us!

Good morning exiles! Now is a god time to hop on in and play some Conan with us!

We run on some seriously powerful hardware to give you the best Conan experience possible come join us and see the CFC difference!

What is the best way to describe our type of servers?

Server 1 is not official like it has custom settings that officials do not have

Server 2 is official like but with better rates

It’s hump day! That weekend is on the horizon! Come relax with us and play some Conan!

One more day until the weekend! Come relax and play some Conan with us!