PC: [NOR] Klefdah pvp server: Jeger Bloede recruits all active people

Hei I am recruiting active players to join this server and build a empire together and fight dungeon & bosses.
This server is a pvp server, but it’s friendly and in my clan you can get help if you need. We have our own discord channel where we talk.

If you have any question about the clan or the server let me know, please let me know if you are interested

at the moment we have 5 spots, and if any of our current members stop playing more can join.

Hello I just wanted to say its not a must that you are norwegian only must is that we can trust you and you play active. If you have more friends and want to take them with you sure! :slight_smile: pm me if your interested we have 5-7 spots

Hei sorry for the bump, but we are still looking for active people

Hi Rrl1rav, do you play on an official server? i’ve been very active, but my teammates aren’t so i’m looking for a solution :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s not a official server I also started another new server couple of days ago you can join if it’s fine with the leader :slight_smile: hope you still want to join