PC Official 1880 Down but says online(resolved)


1880 over last few days has been getting really bad rubberband. According to battlemetrics it kicked everyone off 45 minutes ago and is not accepting new connections. It is responding to queries since battlemetrics and even the server list has it as online. When trying to connect it is an endless loading screen.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

play somehting else, hopefully server will be likely fixed by itself when server restart.
funcom is closed due to their holidays. and its 6:30 am in oslo. so dont expect anything support wise from then.

cheers! .

we are having the same issue (server 1930)

Thanks, just letting them know. Since its reading as online they might not know there is something up.

use the tool, to report your server., its on the sticly here at support.

we did the same for ours.

Well, its back up ty funcom.

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