PC Official PVP-looking for other mature new players



I have a small group of people and we all just recently purchased Conan Exiles. We all have loads of experience playing similar types of games. We have learned that games like Conan Exiles are significantly more fun with more people to share the experience with. We are all mature gamers and are looking for a few more mature players, preferably newish to Conan Exiles, to play with. Come be part of a team and help us grow and establish a clan in the Conan world.

Let me know if you are interested :slight_smile:


Hello there, I am not new to Conan but I am looking for a group to join to play with. Please add me on discord its Pinejon#9671

Thank You


Hey there Faith
I am interested, how do I get in contact with you?


You can add me via discord at drogo#0031


Wat server you Guys Playing name dutchpiece on steam


I’ve been playing solo for the pas week or so. I’d surely be interested in joining a clan with you folks. I’m really interested in doing dungeon runs eventually. Though I am almost sure you’d need to be rather high leve lor have a team of folks to play with. Steam name is “Zinlor”


I added u guys on steam




Did you add me on discord?


Hi! Here is one over 30yo new player. I haave played conan for a week now in solo pve so i know basics. Im lvl 40… im from Finland so timezone might be issue? I sopeak fluid English nd i have discord… Pm me if u want funny and rather good player and ill send my steam id… i would love this game with new friends… cant pm here so my steam id is colt24fin :slight_smile:


I couldn’t find you on steam but here is an invite link for my steam



I’m interested in joining too. I’m a mature player from the UK and have only just started going online. Have a solo account at level 30. So not really seen that much. Love to join your group.

Bookergrimm on steam.


I send u a req


Hey! Did you get a reply?

We’re looking for players too in our pvp server: 1538. Let me know if you’re interested.


Hi! Who ever gets me first ill join im online for 2hours and then again in 8h… i should be found in steam colt24fin



Sent you an friend inv in Stem.




Sent you inv on Steam


30 year old Canadian. Used to play a lot of video games, but little experience with MMORPGs. Been playing Conan for a few weeks.