[PC PVE Active] Valkyrie Ascending 18+ Island of Siptah AND Exiles map with travel, Pippi, Quests, Merchants

We’re building our community and player base! New updates every week.

Discord: Valkyrie Ascending

Moved to US East. Server is still open. Has some mods, but welcome suggestions. Plenty of space to build.

Feel free to join the discord. Valkyrie Ascending

Server is still up and running, plenty of space left and a handful of players. Come check us out.

Is there an admin for this server? Sorry for the necro.

No problem, glad you were able to join and play.

Updating - Added pippi mod and in the process of making NPC vendors and other improvements, as well as creating custom mods. Still plenty of space on the server. Feel free to join our discord.

We have several quests and vendors now via Pippi. Also implemented full player and thrall customization. Currently working towards running both maps with travel in between (and character/thrall/progress synchronization).

Just implemented map travel, so you can play across the Island of Siptah and Exiled Land, with Pippi synchronization. Looking at method to have cross map Quests, but for now quests are map localized.

Several more quests added, along with vendors for making pippi currency faster.