PC-PvE/PvP- Pegasus Command Guild

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Did your server survive the patch exile? Did it bork ? Are you looking for another? Well come join Pegasus command server Where we survive the patch with smooth sailing. We are fun guild that runs ops Thursdays and Saturday evenings. Brand new to the game? Lost in a world of Conan? Well we welcome all new players and enjoy leveling and helping out those who just started. So come on and check us out exile, you know you want to show Conan you can survive the island of Siptah!

Come Explore the Isle with us here at Pegasus command. we are a friendly bunch who are eager to help, with two ops a week where we explore and delve together as a group. if you are just starting out there are plenty of us around to help you out. If your looking for a relaxed place to survive Check us out.

Pillage. Kill. Brawl. Loot. Bop enemies over the head and make them your slaves. Cut up bodies for limbs then beat your enemy with a severed leg! We have it all here at Pegasus Command! 2 weekly group events. Lots of fun and community! Join us! We want to kill enemies with you!