PC-PvE/PvP- Pegasus Command Guild

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Pegasus Command is a multigame guild spanning a variety of games for PC. We have now using the base Conan Exiles Map. We are a guild for 18+ and up, and all are welcome. Peg Com was founded in July 2011 on the game Battlestar Galactica Online and we now have over 200 members across all the games we serve. We are run as a democracy and our focus is on our community and fun. We are nothing without our members!

The Server is PvE and limited PvP. The server’s name is PegasusCommandExiles and Below are some details:

We protect member owned areas and lands
We work together for Ops/Events and have monthly giveaways
We only use Steam Workshop mods
You do not have to join us on any other game.

To Join us, join our site at pegasuscommand.com and our Discord which is top right of the site under “Guild Discord Link”


We are limiting PvP to weekends only. As of now we have 9 active players on the server, now is a great time to join.

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Been in Peg Com near 2 years and its a great place to be, Been in Conan about 5 days its going to be an interesting Journey.
fun, friendly and wanting to explore, please join us.

We are still looking for new players, so come check us out

Hit the website, look at all the fun things our Multi-game community offers and Join.

Come join us. Go to our website and join us. we will help you if your new figure out what to do.

Looking for more exiles for the pegasuscommand server! Come join all the other barbarians for weekly events, PvE, PvP and lots of slaying!

This is a fun Server, with weekly ops and a good group of people who help and play together. be sure to check us out and join the fun! We are always looking for more members to join us.

This an Awesome server as we do many things in Pve and some in pvp. We are mostly Pve here but love the occasional pvp fight. We weekly ops which are phenomenal and a blast. If your looking for a Conan experience with a laid back disposition and want to just build hang out and stab things this the place for you! Come stab things and bosses with us!

This is a great server! Many laughs, killing and building. We do weekly ops that are so much fun! The group of people on this server make it fantastic, and this game is one of many in a multi game guild, so the community as a whole is great! Join us at Pegasus Command we shall fight, drink, and be merry!

This is an amazing server. We do weekly events, most of the time on Saturdays, which are fun. Sometimes its PvE and other times its PvP. We are mostly PvE, so if you enjoy the building aspect and killing things this is the server for you.

Join us in the exiled lands! Great prof. guild. Events every week. Scavenger hunts. Build contests, dungeons diving/creation, PVE plus a bit of PVP. Fun group of fellow exiles ready and willing to help those just starting out, or party with experienced players.

Come join us in the exiled lands and tell Conan exactly what your going to do! Live, conquer, build and have fun with a community is willing to help and have fun. We are mainly pvp with a little bit of pvp thrown in now and then. If your looking for a sever to start, hang out not be worried that your base will be over thrown this place for you. Come with us and shake your fist at Conan!

Are you Looking for a new fun place to play? Come join us On Pegasus Command Server. We do weekly ops, Build competitions and Dungeon delves as a group, the players are super friendly and helpful. We have fun and help out. Come do a run of the pubs, or let’s go slaughter giants together.

Pegasus Command is a great place to hang out with fellow gamers playing games you enjoy! It is a wonderfully active and casual guild! Conan has an amazing group to run around with, and the ops are so much fun! Join us for fun, laughs, gaming, and killing, lots and lots of killing! :smiley:

First, they took your family and your riches. Then they took your health and your pride. Finally, they left you to die.

…none of that matters when you plan Conan with Pegasus Command! We’ll be your family, replace your riches, but we do tend to slice up our corpses when we die.

We’re a longstanding multi-gaming guild, with a democratic leadership structure. We currently have a private PVE Exiled Lands server and will be opening a parallel Isle of Siptah server in the coming weeks.

The server is active but there’s plenty of space left to build your base. New or established players are welcome. Not the easiest game to initially learn but we have plenty of seasoned players on hand to help you craft stuff or get your through a difficult dungeon.

Each week there’s an organised team event where we work together on various challenges and there are regular building competitions and treasure hunts.

Our server has a nice range of mods, decent XP rates, harvest rates, crafting speeds, and no limit on the feat / attribute points you can earn. And you don’t drop your gear when you die like on official servers!

All we ask is that you’re over 18, can use Discord, attend at least one organised team game per month, and don’t be a dick.

Now taking over Siptah, beware all ye who enter. This is an amazing server. We do weekly events, most of the time on Saturdays, which are fun. Sometimes its PvE and other times its PvP. We are mostly PvE, so if you enjoy the building aspect and killing things this is the server for you.

We are adventuring Siptah in all is glory! Come with us as we explore vast dungeons and monsters unseen by us. If your looking for a PVE place to stay and figure out the newish map then come join us! Show Conan what you will do exile when you are shoved onto a isle full of death, fun and adventure!

Come Join us on Isles of Siptah, we also do have an exiles Server going. But this month is our guilds 10 year anniversary. its a great time to join us to play. lots of events and builds going on all month long. so be sure to hit us up on our website, and on Discord. come join the fun.

Plenty to do, the Isle has lots of room to grow. Come Join the fun.