[PC] [PVP] [EU] LFM for a UK/EU clan. Currently 3 members need more for pvp etc

Looking to speed up the process of our clan base, currently low level as we have started fresh. Must be 18 or over.

We are on official.

Noob’s welcome. Hit me up!!

Steam ID : Blindsideeu

Hey there,

How many people do you have in your clan at the moment? Also, I tried adding you on Steam but wasnt able to find any user with the name you added. How about we try Discord. Add me here Hitenkiri#6015.

Look forward to chatting with you.

-[LEO] Hitenkiri

Currently 3 members , I’m the most active member.

Steam ID is BlindsideUK. You can add me there or I will try locate you on discord when I’m home from work.

Bumping this post, as we still require members