PC Servers Crashing, have IP range in common

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PvP
Region: North America

Servers on the IP Range* 172.107.182.### are experiencing repeated outages, with increased frequency. One of these clusters is a set of no-ping servers.

Servers on,,, and others are experiencing this problem. Please see this thread, 1808 is down ....what’s going on?

182.150 Contains the “notorious” no-ping PvP servers 1930, 1931 and 1932.

* I am using “range” in non-technical parlance, to signify a set/subset of similar iPv4 addresses.

You probably confused them. Draw a picture.

Hey @Barnes

Today’s patch will probably and hopefully put a stop to this situation :slight_smile:
Thanks for your feedback and apologies for the frustration.


Can confirm it’s still ongoing. I’m playing on 1930 and today the server stopped loading structures while I was logged in. I tried logging back on but haven’t been able to since 8 hours ago. The server is still listed in the browser though…

I logged in. It took 20 minutes (not even joking, 20 real life minutes) to log in to my dead body. Now I’m stuck, don’t even have an UI and unable to move in my own 25% loaded base. Come on man…

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22 minutes later and I’m still waiting for my base to load in, an UI to show up and the ability to move.
I’m surprised my character is still alive in his naked self.

Looks like I’ll be outfitting my character again from scratch as the body of the previous incarnation surely disappeared by now.

I have logged in. Of course just after my dead body decayed according to the event log. Definitely not going to play for a while with this going on.
One full hour… really?

Servers seem really unstable. Was able to log then disconnected.

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