Performance issue with constant freezes

Game mode: (Online private)
Type of issue: Crash | Performance
Server type: PvP
Region: Europe

I have huge performance issues, so much that it is ruining my experience. I somehow managed to stick with it for 40 hours but it’s really setting me back. I have constant freezes just by walking, huge loading times. Loading isn’t a big deal but the freezes are so often that I find myself dying a lot because of them. I have set everything to low and am even running the game on 720 resolution. I also tried the temporary fix from the sticky thread to set the GarbageCollector from “True” to “False”, but it was already at “False”. I would appreciate any help really, cause I am sure I have the spect to play the game no problems.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 2GB - Driver Version 456.38
Intel Core i7-3770 CPU 3.40 GHz
Installed on an HDD

A few possible culprits:

  • You are running the game on HDD.
  • You are lacking RAM
  • Is this PvP server busy? Is it running mods?

Server is 50 players max and it hasn’t been completely full yet as far as I know, also there are no mods on it. Also what do you mean by the I am running it on an HDD. I’ve seen the game with 100fps on similar build to mine on low and 1080. So I don’t think it’s that. Thanks for the suggestions tho.

I had the same issue it was driving me crazy tried everything! Game would freeze FPS would drop couldn’t run 30 feet without it freezing it was horrific entering our base almost gave up and left the game but finally figured it out my issue was ram. I had 8gb of ddr4 with a gtx1060 6gb, i7 7700k. I installed another 8gb and all issues went away no more freezing and looking at ram usage now in game I’m using 9.5 gb. So 8gb is to low use to be enough not anymore. Except it or not your choice but that’s the issue

what ingame settings? 2GB VRAM is not much, 4GB GTX970 struggles with medium-high

Everything is on low, I even lowered resolution from 1080 to 720.

Hey @Murkis

We’d recommend installing the game on a SDD drive, as Conan Exiles streams texture and assets constantly. This has resolved many similar issues reported in the past.

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