[Pet] Xanthic Death - some bugs

I don’t know if it’s intended to be like that but it seems the Xanthic Death (pet version) got some bugs that are really annoying even though I like this pet since it’s probably the first one (besides the Demo / Necro pets) that actually deals serious damage to enemies and can critically hit.

The bugs I have encountered are the following:

  • hitbox: normally pets don’t have a hitbox, you can go through them, this is somehow not the case for the Xanthic Death once you entered a solo instance or any instance where you can summon pets on other playfields the wolf got no hitbox. It’s incredible awful in some areas such as Fort Storisbjorn, once you are inside with this pet it will constantly stay in doorways and completely block you from going into the next room (or escaping from enemies)

  • slow speed: Somehow, this pet is incredible slow, if I ride with the loyality reward horse as a rogue class (AA speed multiplier) the wolf wont be able to keep up and disappear all the time, it needs to be resummoned every time, this is really annoying

  • arena fight: In the Pitfighter arena the pet does almost no damage, I tested it on level 80 and my ToS got roughly 40 - 70 damage per hit, this is incredible low

My Xanthic Death pet appears Epic; however, when summoned, it is no longer epic.