Pets and thralls gone!?

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

I logged in about 4 Days ago and all was fine. I log in today and all my pets and thralls are gone. The thralls at stations are still there but not archers, fighters etc. Whats going on? I also noticed that the altar of Ymir, map room, armored animal pen and greater wheel of pain is gone.
Official server# 2017 PvE
On xbox One

I just looked in the event log and there was a server restart on the 14th. At the same time all pets and thralls not bound to stations was lost

I lost my altar of Ymir a couple updates ago and all the loot in it. My friend lost his yesterday. You will never get any lost items back from Funcom, so I’m sorry you’re now in our club.

Lost how? Decay, killed, no record? Can you send a screenshot of the log. Furthermore, not all buildings have full decay timers. Were your map room, altar, wheel of pain, animal pen placed on foundations or directly on the ground?

Hello @p73s, thank you for reaching out!

As Narelle suggested, we need further details on the messages that you’ve got on the Event Log, as well as specifics such as where and how the buildings had been placed and if you had checked their decay timer beforehand.

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