Pets going AWOL

I’ve had this on a previous (Dedicated) server, and I’ve now got the same thing on my hosted (Funcom) server. I was out exploring with a Tiger. I put down a bed roll and took the Tiger of Follow, came back a little while later and got it to follow me. I then returned home with the tiger. Logged off. Next day I logged back on and my Tiger is back where I left him the previous day. I’ve already been back, collected him and brought him home, and now when I logged back in again he’s back at the other location. I’ve had this before with a Horse. Any suggestions?

Set it to guard a location. It’s returning to the last place you told it to do so, as designed.

This is because when you log out, the follower goes into “scouting” mode, unless you explicitly place it in “guard mode” before logging out. After awhile a follower in “scouting” mode will go into “returning home” mode and eventually return to the last place you placed it using the “stand and guard” command.

I typically only use the “stand and guard” command for a thrall in our base. When I am out in the wild, I only use the “stop following” command. The “stop following” command also puts the follower in “scouting” mode. That way my horse always returns home, even when I forget to to use the “stand and guard” command when going back to our base and logging out, thus preventing the follower from ending up somewhere out in the wild.

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Thanks all, that makes a lot of sense now.


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