Phoenician trickery killed my FATE

The mission is “Venetian Missile Crisis” (E17).

At the entrance of the second warehouse, I jump on the crates to get to the upper walkway.

There, I hit one of the two warehouse workers twice with Demolish, then do Eruption on both warehouse workers and the gas canister.

The gas canister starts to burn.

Since it’s the third hit on the first warehouse worker, my Ashes of Fate’s Chosen summons a FATE entity.

The gas canister explodes.

My FATE does the faceplant animation (and sound) and not the usual despawn animation.

Summary : this is either a cool easter egg or entities summoned by talismans (FATE, custodian, et cetera) can be killed by enviromental effects. If it’s the latter, I think you should into that and make the guys invulnerable.