Physical Goods!

So I was one of the alpha or pre-alpha buyers that got a little upset about the months of delays with the shirts and just the bad devs and communications. Now the games out. and for the most part, It’s not that bad. worth coming back to and maybe staying with for awhile with the hopes that new lands and content is a regular thing.
But I’m kinda feeling a little jipped, We took the risk and played alpha and gave our feedback. pros and cons. and the other cons. We got some digital goodies and a shirt that was a little small for a medium. Now you can get physical goodies! A figurine and cool ■■■ map, etc. Soooooooo How can I get the physical goodies WITHOUT buying the game again? Come on ■■■■■■, Give us hopefuls something to gloat about. To show off to the world. Maybe a separate purchase for just the physical stuff would work. I’s believes in you.

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