Placing a Campfire

Hi all, just started playing this yesterday but can’t place a campfire. I’ve tried Control pad and keyboard. I’ve got it on the wheel or quickslot 4 but it wont appear or be placed. Everything else on the quickslots or wheel works including bedroll, weapons, tools and food (seeds) but the campfire just wont let me place it or interact with it. Is there a restriction I have missed or do I need to re start again (already done this once) This is stopping me from progressing and enjoying the game so can anyone advise me. Thanks.

Does it show any messages, or just doesn’t place ?

No, no messages at all. When I try to place a bedroll I get a red X if I position it wrong but with the campfire nothing. Also with the bedroll you can see it on the cursor but not the campfire. Playing single player btw.

Are you trying to place it on foundations or directly on the floor ? Can you place other things on the same spot you were trying to place the campfire ?

On a different note, this has happened to me before, usually when the server i try to play at is somewhat laggy… When i try to swap items on the slotbar too quickly, the slot i was trying to occupy usually bugs out and i can’t access it for a while. Usually i relog and everything works, or sometimes it comes back to what it used to be on its own…

I’ve tried to place the bedroll in the same spot and it works. In any case I get the red X when I try to place the bedroll in the wrong place but with the fire nothing. This happened last night and again when I logged in today. I’ve also re started a new game but same. I’ll try a new game again, (and apart from this I was doing OK) but if it fails again I’m done for a while, will leave it for a month or so. Damn, I was enjoying this.
Thanks for your help anyway.

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Hi, if it looks slightly greyed out, you may not have enough materials to make one , in other words you have to make one first before you can place it :slight_smile:Ps. if you did make one check your inventory, it could have went there instead of your hot bar

Thank’s for the reply, I already made the camp fire so it’s not that. I actually think I’ve figured out what the issue is and I think it’s a bug. I tried again but this time I concentrated on the campfire and it worked. but this time when I made the camp fire there was empty quick slots and it went in automatically. Anyway I tried again and this time I made sure all of the slots were full so I had to replace something in the quick slots. After I replaced something and the camp fire clearly showed it just wouldn’t work. I’ve done it a couple more times to see what happens and it only works if at the time of crafting the campfire there is a space in the quick slots and it automatically goes in to the slot.
I can’t figure out how to empty an occupied slot to see if it works when you have a full set of slots, make a space and then put it into a slot. (anyone know how to empty a slot when they’re all full) Thanks again for the help.

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Hi, you should be able to just click on them, and place them in your inventory. and vise versa

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