Player health does not work, snail slow / Diverse bugs

-1 Player health does not work, snail slow on me server,
Which server settings also does not work.
Health takes a long time, then wild animals and npc.
Game is broken.

-2 Other bug`s ect.

  • Npc slave glitch Away
  • Npc slave Drag through deep water, release. This was not previously.
  • Some Ghost alert But invisible noting see.
    Some you see nothing te find.
  • Troch Place one and day later 2 lol.
  • Campfire and cooking Runs too fast, 4000 strack wood burns in 60 min.
    Fix it. That’s money for all the tools that burned on wood.

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Repro steps:

  1. (-1) Solve immediately updates
  2. (-2) Update in hotfix soon ash can
  3. Beter test before you make a game official whit all bugs . it blame you self.