Playstation 4 conan exile bug en more

hey i buyed the game

i have allot of lags in game did you also notic
thet the game has a cherater issue?

everytime everymove i can see the anime of my persoon fallow like mirrors what ever i do its like my hole person get windowed thet mean my person has mirror

also pls

add more stuff.

special for slave or servent.i whant to esk for mt clan wy so i can see whare they are 1 disapear out of no whare when i got attakc by animal.but would be nice if ai solo has bigger base like they make a base

also when i found a new stop to build i could not destroy the ai spawn en when i place it gras en tree stil grow:(hope soon biger map:)

kick4gaming can

on you tube you can see thet the game has dubble mirror

admin or suport pls leave a comment if you gonna do w
somthing en what you gonna do so for my video:)

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