Playstation availability

I get reports that you can’t get the game for Playstation in different regions until now? Australia and some others.

It should be available in Australia, but if you’re searching for “Mutant” in the PSN store you might find a version of the game you can’t buy. That’s the pre-order listing, which was supposed to be removed after launch. We’ve asked Sony to take it down.

If you search for “Mutant Year Zero” you will find two listings: one you can buy and one you can’t. The one you can buy is obviously the right one :slight_smile:

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I have the same questions in regards to availability in Japan.
Japanese is included in the localization list but I have yet to see the game on the Japanese Playstation Store.

Is it being released at a later date in Japan?
Thank you in advance.

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You should open a new thread, this one is solved, it’s not very likely you get a official answer here.

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