Please explane Gungslinger PvE Build


Hello, dear forum users. I would be extremely grateful if you tell me the optimal build for this class. I have accumulated 50/50 skill points and I do not know how to distribute them better.


Don’t save up like that, just unlock as you go.

There is no redistributing, there is only gaining more and unlocking more. Living on the cap (50/50) like that will only make you miss out on gaining more points until you spend some!

In the end you will unlock all abilities.


Thanks for the advice! Another issue is not on the topic: got some orange object, the icon of the fire ax is yellow, sort of like for a museum. The museum opens further on the plot, i.е. will explain the mechanics? The first time should just move on the story / quests?


The axe is an item you will use to unlock things in the museum. It’s a end game money sink. Just sell it, you will get more.

And yes, just follow the story and explore the zones. Can’t do anything wrong really.


An addition to this. Unless your stuck saving to get your next weapon unlock or you use the particular elite a lot you can generally skip the last passive in the 2nd row until you have nothing else to blow 25 SP on. Otherwise you’re generally better off chasing the little stat circles (they all stack across weapons)