Please shorten the Fuel-Efficient Furnace

Here’s the issue:

The Fuel Efficient Furnace sticks up just barely above three foundations/walls high. Could the art department adjust the furnace and its hitbox so that we can place ceilings above them at three foundations/walls high? Just lowering the chimney stack just a little is all it would take.


Just cause it does not fit yours, you want them to change it.

PPPPPP <---- the censors wont let me spell it out.

If you count the walls they are stacked 4 high. fits in with room to spare.

Yes, that little part that sticks up demands a whole extra wall in height. You are correct in saying that is the part that I am requesting that they change so that it sticks up only three walls high.

And no, not just my base. I’m requesting a game change for all players so that all players with bases benefit from the change.

While its not clear in the image, the base I constructed was just foundations, walls, ceiling tiles and two furnaces. Its not a complete base; just a test. My “base” does not exist; it was a new character on testlive to test the furnaces. So the request isn’t for “my base” – its for all bases being crafted in the future by all players. But I can see how you would jump to that conclusion given that there are players who only think of themselves and the lack of context information surrounding the rest of the image in the picture.


Would have been great if they can stick through roofs anyway,
Will also add some building freedom.


For myself, I would prefer it fit within 2 walls, I have been making my bases 2 walls high for a long time, so now I have to rebuild and tear things apart just to fit this somewhere. Right now it is on the roof :frowning:

Chimneys do, after all, frequently (even typically) stick through roofs. That’s kinda the point of them. This would be very welcome, and thematic.


Was just thinking the same thing but make is so you cant loot it from the chimney.

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we use ours as a dumb waiter between floors.

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