Possibility to improve the game

My English is not good, I will try to make it clearer.

1.) The game contains a lot of content that is skipped.
2.) At lvl 10 I am able to get higher content.
3.) Everything can be fixed by simply setting up the game.

( Something can be set up, but not without problems. I will try to explain them. )
1.) Set xp to 0.3 or less - possible
2.) Set craft item 2x more material - possible - not without problem - animal pen 2 to 1 - solved set - 1.99
3.) Each level of workbench should save more material - partially resolved in point 2
4.) Balancing of building material between lvl 2-3.
5.) Set - to disable range blunted weapon - not possible
6.) Set - reset unconscious bar trall when HP resets - not possible

This setting would not catch the best trall in low level. Catching a trall would be a challenge in which players would have to work together or evolve over time. I do not want the points 5,6 to be excluded from the game only the possibility of setting.

Thank you for everything Conan Exiles is a good game. Good work FUNCOM.

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