Preorder "cannot use the content, purchase it from PS Store"

Game mode: can’t Start the Game (app as a Symbole with a lock)
Problem: When i Start the app/game there comes a systeminformation that sayed i have to “purchase it from PS Store”, it linked me to the store, there i can “Start” (because i buy the Preorder), After that it comes systeminformation: “purchase it from the PS store” again. It turns in a circle…
Region: [Here] Austria, Vienna
Free text: i Made the Preorder on 02 may 2018. I got the Email confirmation. The ps4 download it and Made all Updates (now 1.05). When i go on the app and press Option Button and go to Information there stand i am “not authorized”

*** Please Authorize me!!!

Repro steps:

  1. Download and install it 3times
  2. Look @ PS Support

Ps Support told me to Start PS in Safty mode and take Option 5. That works!!!

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