Priest promotion

Grinding for archpriests can be some of the most annoying work in the game, but they are required for both offence and defense. So what about a compromise? This won’t be fast or easy for most, but will allow those who don’t have the time to grind out the archpriest spawns and have to settle for what they can get in their limited play time.

Suggestion: permit the spending of marks of zeal to promote your priest up the ranks coupled with a relatively lengthy transition time (as if you are breaking the thrall all over again for it’s appropriate tier level).
No need to grind out the spawn, and isn’t near as fast of a progress as if you did grind it.
This offers balance to the process. If you are patient enough you can promote a standard priest up to an arch priest in 18 hours if you, 1: have the marks to spend on it, 2: do not remove it from the shrine during it’s “training”, and 3: are present to start it’s training at each tier advancement.
Suggested first tier gain from priest to high priest is a 6 he train time. From high priest to arch priest is 12 hours.
Required marks per tier could be 200 and then 500 respectfully.


This is a nice idea, to level up all you thralls at an altar or new building where you use resources. But 200 and 500 marks are way too easy to get. I think the values should be for lvl 1 > 2 8000 marks and for 2 > 3 25000 and for 3 > 4 70000 (the legendary ones should only be caught in purges) so people don’t spam lvl 3 thralls in their bases! This way you can focus only on the most important thrall you need!

I agree on the idea being a good one, I really like it.
However, if the owner of said priest isnt a 10 member clan, how do you intend to gather those masses of zeals?
I would agree on 500 for t1->t2 and probably 1000 for t2->t3.
Then again, t4 priests would need some special stuff on them so we will want them. T3 to t4 might require 5000 zeals then.
As for our small 2x2 people clan (us female players building in one place, the male ones in another, they didnt like to settle in at some (almost) finished place)… even 500 proves to be hard to farm. (As religion harvest got set straight to 1, no matter the multiplier. Meaning we need to kill and harvest 500 thralls whatever the setting might be.

By the way: Maybe that defense might be done by highpriests instead, which in return actually sacrifices himself in the process. As highpriests are way more common.

Also why stop at priests with leveling them up?
Why couldnt we do the same thing for each else thrall - eighter on their working bench or on the torturers working table… or on the wheel. Like t1-t2 requiring 12 hours, t2->t3 24 hours and t3->t4 72 hours. This would cause the wheel to be blocked for a long time. And nope, no time cuts on those convertions! (Meaning no 24 hour t3 → t4 with a named slaver.)

This is idea sounds fine, at least to me… No matter the cost of it, people who decide to use it will grind the living hell out if it, making even some of seularts or Nurias suggestions sort of void, i think… I mean, for my own sake i would never be able to get to 8000 marks, because i really dont play that much (especially not with the religion system)…
So the costs just being between 2-500 sounds like the best idea for me :slight_smile: pretty sure even 200 for me would end up being a challenge, just for a thrall upgrade

When i first saw Op suggestion i felt like it was maybe too easy to get 500 zeal for an archpriest.
But after thinking about it, if you’re playin on official or with vanilla gathering rate, i actually think these numbers are appropriate imo. 500 zeals = 500 npcs kills with respawn time inbetween…which is quite a large number.

Seularts, i’d be curious to know how long does it take you to gather that many zeals (70000??? sounds insane to me!!!)? are you playin with at X10 harvesting rate? perhaps i simply misunderstood sthing here…


Maybe keep it only for priests as that eliminates the point of going in better camps for better fighter/archers.

After careful thought, I suggested this only for priests and the numbers I tossed out we’re for the most part meant for base rates on take a priest to arch from T1 would cost 700 zeal and 18 hours of train time. That is 18 hours it must be on the shrine exposed to anyone wanting to sabotage your efforts.

To apply this to other thralls, while I could see it’s value, like @Rorik said it would reduce the motivation for searching for those higher tier thralls that are far more common then priests are.

It would take a long time, but this should only be an alternative to capturing thralls. This is why I recommend the steep price, to not start leveling every thrall you get your hands on, just the most rare ones you can’t find, such as priests for example!

ok i understand, but still, you may want to reconsider your numbers bro…70 000? seriously?

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I hate it when people try to ask that archpriest spawns be kept to the same minimum just to benefit themselves when other people who aren’t competitive just want to enjoy the game by collecting everything.

Archpriests really aren’t necessary for PVE/Singleplayer but that’s why some players chose PVE/Singleplayer over PVP, just so they can enjoy the game.

Maybe just change the spawn rate on PVP servers would actually make more sense than having PVE and Singleplayer grind days away just for an archpriest they aren’t even gonna use.

Reads back through the thread ummm… Not sure that’s what this thread is about, but umm… Ok. Your objection is noted.

Who ever said this was for PvE only? I’m a PvP player my friend. This is for the community as a whole not just the narrow sighted and self focused Nudge, nudge.

First off, this isn’t possible to change only one NPC spawn rate via server settings. And second, did you even read the thread before posting? I think your lost mate.

First of all, try to understand the reply.

Second, a lot of people are trying to keep archpriest spawns as rare as possible trying to block off other players from even requesting an increase in spawn rate here in the forum.

Third, Obviously on the second line you quoted me on. I meant archpriests are highly relevant to PVP players so try reading it again?

Fourth, spawn rates ARE adjustable as the devs have adjusted Black Galleon T4 spawn rates over the past couple of patches. Servers do have options to adjust resource drop rates. It’s just adding the option to increase NPC spawn rates which is what I am suggesting so that even though it might seem irrelevant for PVE/Singeplayers since we don’t battle with other players we can still enjoy spawning avatars.

Finally try reading comments carefully as you keep missing the point and are always on the offensive side of things.

I’ve cleared out the Summoning Place countless times, we’re talking 100s easily, and have yet to find the Yog Archpriest in there.

The struggle is real.

On the topic at hand, also relating to the above, it would have been much easier for me to upgrade my high priest to an archpriest through zeal and been already done, even if it was something like 10,000 zeal.

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If you are in an active clan these numbers are not a problem. 10 members can get 5-10k each day easy.

The point of an alternative method of producing an archpriests is for those NOT in a full clan or those who don’t have the time to grind the spawn due to work or other adulting like caring for kids and what not.
Times and zeal numbers are only suggestive and for example sake. RNG can be kind one day granting a player who grinds the spawn 3 arch priests. Other days it could shaft you out of any. More often then not, the latter for me and many others. Hense the alternative method.

As for you @MyNameJeff, again you have missed the point of this thread. This thread has nothing to do with adjusting spawn rates up or down. Infact it is mentioned, nowhere here. So again, your opening statement of

Is irrelevant. And the fact that I mentioned

Might suggest that this isn’t related to a PvE setting. However regardless of the setting, having more then one option to obtain an archpriests I would think be in your interest based on your out burst of opinion

Those are strong words and often uttered by those who are closed minded who have no room for compromise.