Problem with pvp is bow

I think it’s not a good weapon in solo pvp but it counters all defensive. That all pvp needs stronger bow and shorter range that can’t out range thrall archers.

What about matching ranges ?

As long u can’t do it safely against the archers.

The bow shouldn’t be used as a sniper or siege weapon.

I believe funcom made it breaching in lack of magic. They made it into sniper just give bow different attack mode but because of it.

I think all ranged projectiles, used by players, thralls, and creatures, should have a randomized inaccuracy.

Perhaps the inaccuracy could be reduced with points in Accuracy, but even 50+ Accuracy should have some uncontrollable variation.

It is ridiculous how precise enemies are, and inaccuracy would reduce effective range at the same time. Sure, you could hit a thrall from 100 meters, but not with consistency.

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I disagree… for players, There’s nothing worse than a game adding random inaccuracy to ranged weapons… drop off, range and damage could depend on attributes, but bow skills shouldn’t be messed with.
I’ve never liked it when games decide to make you miss no matter how good your aim was :slight_smile:


There is a reason why most games add random inaccuracy, it is the same thing reality adds.

There is nothing that reminds me I am playing a game more than running by some archer enemies and having them hit me with laser-precision.

Bow is weak weapon it needs to be more in par with melee.

Right now it’s only to clear thralls at safe distance which makes it broken in pvp.

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This. There needs to be less (or no) RNG in the game, not more.


You guys arguing wrong thing the goal is make bow more fair against

So random is no good plus lvl 20 t4 archer with accuracy of 50+ should not miss.

I want bow be stronger right now 30 damage bow and 20 for arrow.

Main problem it’s range exceeds Ai range which make kinda useless.

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I realize this is all about PVP but I agree with this for PVE as well!

Stronger bow and of course no nerfing it with rnd inaccuracy!

IRL, a 20lb long bow can one hit Bambi - NP! Venison garneted!

In this game with a 50lb recurved bow, you need accuracy set very high, strongest bow, and strongest arrows to pull that off. Wuuuuut?

Same for unarmored savages…

How much stronger? You should be able to one-hit a wolf 85% of the time with a star metal bow, star metal arrows and accuracy to second perk in attributes. Maybe even with a hardened steel bow and hardened steel arrows. Somewhere around there.

IRL battels against steel armored soldiers as an example, I believe bow is quicker to kill than a sword. Thus why battle tactics used shields against arrow volleys but dropped them when faced with sword carrying attackers. In this game it’s the opposite. I get that they may be trying to force a particular play style but… :stuck_out_tongue:

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The issue there is the deer/antelope/etc have 100hp. They should NOT have that much. It should be closer to 10-25. I’m ok with a 0 Accuracy Exile starving naked off the cross needing a second shot with a handcrafted bow they threw together. But like you said, a decent recurve bow (Hyrkanian Light) with maybe (MAYBE) a bit of Accuracy should be able to take them down in one shot.

That way a fresh level 6 can have a chance at getting the critter down before it spaz’s out and runs off.

Wolves are pretty much near end-game type wildlife, so I’m ok with them being as resilient as they are. Just keep in mind we are playing a game. Some things should make sense, but some things do need to be abstract for the sake of variety. And right now, you can do some pretty crazy stuff in PVE with a decent archery setup.

Its the early to slightly before midgame tiers that are still off. I mean weapon tiers in general are off, but there’s another discussion for that.



Wind factor.

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You might be OK with it but my tribal ancestors were killing wolves with stone arrows and light longbows. With one arrow.

But yeah, you’re mostly right I think - I catch your drift…

Absolutely! The changes incurred in the last 4 or 5 DLs from steam have made the game so so SOOO much worse to play! And 70% of that is random behaviors the user can’t control. But somehow I don’t think Funcom is going to change course - it’s gonna get worse! I can feel it in me bones, me can. LOL

The question I need to make here is about the survival tab on this game. Random dangers and outside factors happen in survivial situations.

Sure, let’s ask them to add volcano eruptions, floods, tornados, earthquakes, wild fires, 20lb hail stones, frogs falling from the sky, housecats and fleas… My goodness… :crazy_face:

And as long as we’re going for realistic randomization, I want jeans that fall down to my ankles every third time I bend over!

Point taken , maybe add a casual mode without the survival tab and create new an Official server(s) to reflect this. I think you were joking though, but it not.

I think the thread is about Bows in PVP… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, this is a survival pvp game afterall. You can get attacked by npcs and game effects while fighting other players, wind could affect your ranged attack projectile(s).

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So what I’m reading is, Ruin PVE Bow, So its more a PVP Bow. mmm ok, that seems fair.

Leave my bow alone…

You may need to stop buying pants that are to big? =p
Or are you a Plumber looking to change crack meta, to a “opps my pants fell down” meta for plumbers?

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