PS4 (10.12.2018): Archery, Katana and Bug Fixes [116294_20188]

Hello Exiles and happy Monday!

We have a new juicy Live Patch for you. Besides a whole lot of fixes we also have a few new, exciting mechanics and improvements go live today.

Important mentions are improvement to archery, a completely new weapon type, the katana and we are releasing the first, smaller RP mechanic in the form of a land claim announcement.


New weapon archetype: Katana

We have introduced a new weapon type to the game. An ancient type of curved sword from the remote land of Yamatai: the Katana.

Katanas are two-handed swords with an entirely new and unique moveset. Their damage sits comfortably between spears and hammers with an armor penetration equivalent to that of the greatswords.

Katanas sport a range of unique features:

  • The katana light attack combo is frontal set of attacks with a fair amount of forwards motion. The light attack finisher does damage equivalent to the heavy finisher of other weapons and applies bleed.
  • The first light attack comes out very fast.
  • Katanas do not have a heavy combo. Instead they can be charged with the Heavy Attack button in a special stance that leads into a very quick dash-attack. This dash-attack does more damage the longer the Heavy Button is held and is released by pressing the Light Attack button while in the special stance.
  • Katana dash-attack goes through targets, ignoring collision. It’s a powerful tool to escape tight situations, even when not fully charged.
  • Katana dash-attacks can be used as a wildcard replacement for any combo step. This means you can use it as an opener, a link or a finisher and combine it freely with any of the light attacks.

Bow improvements

Bows have gotten faster and more deadly! We recently added a selection of new advanced (and deadly) arrows and now we are happy to finally roll out a new feature set for the Bow.

  • The bow light attack combo is gone and has been replaced by a single fast shot with minimal after-shot recovery.
  • The heavy attack has been revamped and is now a charge-able aimed shot. Hold down Heavy Attack and then press Light Attack to shoot.
  • Holding down the Heavy Attack button increases the damage of the shot and if you hold it for long enough, the shot turns into a Power Shot with a flatter trajectory that is perfect for snipe shots!


We’ve done a number of balance tweaks to arrows in order to increase the usability of specialty arrows and taper the power/cost ratio of some specific arrow types:

  • High tier arrows now do more damage. This affects Razor, Hardened Steel and Star Metal arrows.
  • Snake and Light Arrows now do minimal physical damage. Snake arrows poison damage remains unaffected.
  • Light Arrows are now much cheaper to make. They require no feathers anymore and a single craft makes a stack of 10 arrows.
  • Healing Arrows are now much cheaper to make. They require Water Orbs instead of Dragonpowder.
  • Gas Arrows are now more expensive to make. They now require a Gas Orb instead of Ichor.
  • All specialty arrows are now much five times lighter!

Locomotion animation improvements

We have improved all jumping animations, including new take-offs, falling and landing animations that depend on the length of the fall.

Throwing weapon improvements

Lots of improvements coming in for throwing weapons with an aim to establish them as a very strong Cripple and damage option for short and mid ranges.

  • All throwing weapons can now be recovered! If you hit another player or NPC with your axe or javelin, the weapon will end up in the target’s inventory. If you miss and hit a surface instead, the weapon will be pickup-able by interacting with it.
  • All throwing weapons will cripple regardless of the body part hit.
  • All throwing weapons do not aim compensate for distance to the target. This system was making throws unpredictable and we have decided to remove it. Throwing weapons will still aim at the center of the target if you are target locking, but they won’t compensate for other types of shots. This means that you can land your shots more reliable in situations where you’re prediction your target’s movement or throwing before your target shows out from behind cover/corners/battlements.
  • Throwing axes now stack to 10 and never break!
  • Throwing axe throws now recover faster!
  • Throwing axe throws can be used as a wildcard replacement for any combo step. If you’re wielding a throwing axe, you can simply throw instead of attacking without losing your combo count. This means you can do stuff like Light -> Light -> Throw -> Heavy Finisher. Enjoy!
  • Throwing axes have a new flight effect.

Land Claim Announcer

You will now get a popup on your screen when you enter the area of another player, informing you who owns the area and structures placed. You are able to toggle this feature on and off in the settings.

Admins have the choice to enable or disable this for their servers.
This feature is by default OFF on official PvP Servers.


  • Fixed a bug where equipping a Javelin would block stamina regeneration and would allow stamina-free melee attacks to be performed
  • Fixed a bug where explosive arrows were doing damage on PvE servers
  • Fixed a bug where players would often get stuck inside Rhinos when fighting them
  • Fixed a bug where archer thralls could provide you with an infinite amount of arrows
  • Fixed a bug where player’s body would disappear from the map
  • Fixed a bug where the character had drinking sounds when eating
  • Fixed a bug where players could kill human NPCs who have dialogue options
  • Fixed a bug where thralls and pets would disappear when moved too far
  • Fixed a bug where players where able to instantly kill other players by disabling their network adapter
  • Fixed a bug where knocking out an NPC and letting them bleed to death would cause the NPC to respawn double
  • Fixed a bug where applying a mod kit to Claws of Jhebbal Sag would reduce its expiration timer to five seconds
  • Adjusted certain places were building is not intended.
  • Fixed an issue with Star Metal Nodes not taking enough damage to break their shell
  • Pets and Thralls will no longer instantly die from falling damage
  • Adjusted spawn timers for some of the rare T4 NPCs


  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to loot XX_Unarmed items from Thralls
  • Fixed a bug where the piglet’s and boar piglet’s health points where out of balance
  • Fixed a bug where harvesting piglets would provide Wild Boar Head and Tusks
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs could fall through rocks near Hunter’s View, near the Sinkhole, and Stormwatch.
  • Fixed a bug where The Barrow King couldn’t be shot in the head
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs in the Temple of Frost couldn’t damage the player when hiding between Black Ice nodes
  • Fixed a bug with Yog Priests using Yog Cleaver instead of a proper weapon
  • Fixed a bug where the Swamp King would not aggro on sight
  • Fixed a bug where Ravenous Wolves could not be damaged
  • Fixed a bug where a dead, tamed Shaleback would only drop carcass when harvested with a skinning knife
  • Fixed a bug where Jaguar’s head could not be obtained through harvesting
  • Fixed a bug where Sewer Abomination’s blocked attacks would knock it back
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs near the entrance to the throne room in the Witch Queen dungeon would lose aggro.
  • Fixed a bug where the Boar boss had too little health
  • Fixed a bug where the Boar Boss would lose aggro from a very short distance
  • Fixed a bug where harvesting a Pet Camel with a Sickle or Cleaver would only yield Camel Carcass
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs would lose their animation when released from bindings in single player mode
  • Fixed a bug where skeletons would bleed when hit
  • Fixed a bug where human NPCs were missing nameplates
  • Fixed a bug where the player could not interact with, and was able to kill Vathis the Hierophant
  • Fixed a bug where the Kinscourge would lose aggro towards the player when the player was hiding behind the balustrade
  • Fixed a bug where the Jaguar boss couldn’t attack the player when standing in a particular place
  • Fixed a bug where The Degenerate spawned two corpses when killed
  • Fixed a bug where big scorpions would give Exotic Flesh instead of Feral Flesh
  • Fixed a bug where undead Shalebacks would not aggro the player unless attacked first
  • Fixed a bug where the far left item in the inventory of an Archer Thrall would disappear when the thrall started shooting
  • Fixed a bug where the Rhino boss could not receive melee or ranged damage
  • Fixed a bug where Throwing Axes used by thralls would not be functional on dedicated servers
  • Fixed a bug where skeletons near the Sinkhole would lose their masks when killed
  • Fixed a bug with health bar and npc name plate being placed seperately
  • Pets and Thralls will no longer instantly die from falling damage
  • Locust Queen Pet will now attack
  • Pets and Thralls will now honor the players target and attack accordingly.
  • You can no longer interact with a thrall that you don’t own.
  • Fixed a bug where pets would not reliably follow players into their base


  • Fixed a bug where the first heavy attack of greatswords would not deal damage in first person mode
  • Fixed a bug where shooting the last arrow would not clear the ammo indicator on the bow
  • Fixed a bug where axes would not apply bleed effect when dual wielded
  • Fixed an issue with target locking the Albino Bat Demon
  • Fixed a bug where the TargetLock system would not select the remaining NPC when fighting two or more NPCs
  • Fixed a bug where Statue of Refreshment would not receive correct damage from orbs and jars.
  • Fixed a bug where projectiles fired from Trebuchets could hit different places for different players depending on their positions
  • Fixed an issue where the third unarmed heavy attack was offset and would fail to connect with the enemy


  • Fixed a bug where Simple Tent couldn’t be placed on flat ground
  • Fixed a bug where Jade Cat Idol couldn’t be aligned to the ground, or have its tilt and pitch adjusted.
  • Fixed a bug where traps could be returned to inventory after exploding
  • Fixed a bug where Aquilonian and Pictish awnings couldn’t be placed above foundations
  • Fixed a bug where tier 3 Crenelated Walls could not be replaced by DLC Crenelated Walls
  • Fixed a bug with building not being allowed in certain locations up north of The Dirgewood


  • Fixed a bug where Raw Human Flesh would not be converted into Putrid Flesh upon expiration
  • Fixed a bug where certain heads could not be processed in the Fluid Press
  • Fixed a bug where Iron Mug was crafted with wood
  • Fixed a bug with inconsistent weight for the items learned from the Palisade feat
  • Fixed a bug where the Serpent-man weapons had improper grades
  • Fixed a bug with inconsistencies between weight and health points of Dragon and Cat idols
  • Fixed a bug with Epic Reptilian Armor having wrong values for helm, chest and gauntlets.
  • Fixed a bug with inconsistencies in the number of items per stack between Abysmal Flesh and Cooked Abysmal Flesh
  • Fixed a bug where all versions of Hyena-fur Armor would give the same amount of bonus Survival attribute points
  • Fixed a bug where Exceptional and Flawless versions of Steel Mace couldn’t be crafted or spawned
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to craft Khitan Javelin and Khitan Throwing Axes
  • Fixed a bug where Weapon Kits could be applied to Throwing Orbs
  • Fixed a bug where stone throwing weapons would be listed as high grade instead of low grade
  • Fixed a bug where sandstorm masks would not provide protection against noxious gas, if equipped after the effect was applied
  • Fixed a bug where Flawless Iron Mace and Flawless Iron Warhammer were available from any level 3 blacksmith
  • Fixed a bug where repairing items with stacks of specific sizes caused the whole stack of resources to disappear
  • Fixed a bug where Glowing Standing Torch would increase temperature instead of reducing it.
  • Fixed a bug where all versions of Light Hyrkanian Bow had the same weight
  • Fixed a bug with Dung weighing too much
  • Fixed a bug where crafting Flawless Iron Poniards required the Steel Poniards feat
  • Fixed a bug with Dried Fish having no burn time in Wheel of Pain
  • Fixed a bug where DLC items were non-functional or missing after learning any feat with DLC


  • Fixed a crash involving avatar summons
  • Fixed an issue where Swamp Fog would cause FPS Drops
  • Fixed a bug where players could not climb onto ceilings while swimming
  • Fixed a bug where players could avoid being attacked by Hrugnir of the Frost by standing on his arm rest
  • Fixed a bug where the portal at the Altar of the Bat would not be functional
  • Fixed a bug where cause of death would not be localized
  • Fixed a bug where pick, cleaver or skinning knife had particle effects while hitting thin air
  • Fixed a bug where players where unable to loot unconscious bodies without changing the Backpack inventory to Shortcut
  • Fixed a bug where Altar of Mitra in Muriela’s Hope did not provide any light
  • Fixed a bug where a player could swim in the air underneath a waterfall
  • Fixed a bug where the character could walk underwater near certain locations.
  • Fixed a bug where the textures of a waterfall in Shattered Springs would flicker when approached
  • Fixed a bug where the Dye item sub-menu could be accessed from the item’s recipe on the Quick Bar
  • Fixed a bug where one could override the corruption limit by eating Abysmal Flesh
  • Fixed a bug where baby animals would not respawn until server restart, after being picked up
  • Fixed a bug where drinking Hunter’s potion would add an incorrect amount of attribute points
  • Fixed a bug where shields were missing the Shieldsmash label
  • Fixed a bug with the graphics for selected tabs in the feat window
  • Fixed a bug where weight and expiration time of Feat of Jhebbal Sag and Derketo would differ from other similar items
  • Fixed a bug where the model of a vulture would stay in place after it flew away
  • Fixed an issue where Shemite Leggings and Shemite Shoes had improper stats
  • Fixed a bug where the Avatars timers would not update correctly on dedicated servers
  • Fixed a bug where vaults would cause lag when attempting to accessing it in single player
  • Fixed a bug where leaving a session while controlling an avatar would cause the password prompt to not appear when trying to join a password-protected session
  • Fixed a bug where attacks would often fail to hit players
  • Fixed a bug where dismissing the window of a crafting station would reset the currently selected sorting option for the inventory
  • Fixed a bug where shutting down the game while a pet was fighting would leave the pet’s “weapon” in the backpack inventory
  • Fixed a bug where Golden Lotus Potion would not provide health regeneration
  • Fixed a bug with a misplaced Power Shot particle effect when using Dragonbone Arrows
  • Fixed a bug where the Cat-like perk would cause the maximum amount of damage taken from falling be equal to half of the character’s health points, instead of half of the damage appropriate to height of the fall.
  • Fixed a bug where a wall was missing at the beginning of the Black Keep dungeon
  • Fixed a bug where corpses would be invisible for players who were outside of rendering distance when the creature was killed
  • Fixed a bug where the Days Passed slider would be inconsistently displayed
  • Fixed a bug where the title could terminate when connecting to a dedicated server
  • Fixed a bug where a Thrall’s recipes would not be visible when reentering any Crafting Station
  • Fixed a bug where Totemic Pets were lacking Exclusive Diet
  • Fixed a bug where drinking from a well, river, or drinking Purified Water did not provide a Cooling Down effect
  • Fixed a bug where using second heavy attack of all two handed spear weapons would cause the character model to flicker
  • Fixed a bug where the character model was shaking if the player pressed the walk button
  • Fixed a bug where the starvation timer of pets and thrall was present after toggling the hunger system off
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to scroll through icons of required items
  • Fixed a bug where killing creatures would leave their duplicated, motionless model behind
  • Fixed a bug where legendary chests would disappear when items were moved inside its inventory
  • Fixed a bug where the Face Details tab in Character Creation would reset to the top when player tried to choose eye colour
  • Fixed a bug where weapons dropped from enemies or looted from chests would always be broken
  • Fixed bugged textures on Shellfish Trap


  • Fixed an issue with inventory tooltip not updating upon equipping an item
  • Fixed a bug with missing journal icons
  • Fixed a bug where control tooltips would overlap when the player was blocked from placing a thrall
  • Fixed a bug with misaligned Decorative Warpaint keywords
  • Fixed a bug with multiple cut off letters in the Feats’ Teaches sections
  • Fixed a bug with certain furnace related items, Rocknose Egg, and Spider Egg-sac lacking keywords
  • Fixed a bug where Hoar-Frost Hatched was missing Hallowed and Ritual Harvest keywords
  • Fixed a bug with improper placement of keywords for all pets
  • Fixed a bug where the bow’s ammo icon was staying in the Main Hand slot after unequipping the weapon
  • Fixed a bug where adding or taking items from containers could visually add or remove five inventory slots.
  • Fixed a bug where Wooden Targe feat was missing from the Weapons tab
  • Fixed a bug where the Obsidian Tools feat was missing from the Survival tab
  • Fixed a bug where items could not be looted from a Tannery via Inventory Preview
  • Fixed a bug with a placeholder icon next to the Night-Eye Potion’s effect
  • Fixed a bug with misleading keywords in certain Relic Hunter armor pieces
  • Changed the item order in quick preview inventory to be the same as the actual inventory
  • Fixed a bug where the Abysmal Arrows feat was missing from the Weapons tab
  • Fixed a bug where the Mountaineer feat was missing from the Armor tab
  • Changed the name of Pictish Warchief Sandals to Boots and Pictish Brave Headband to Headgear, to better reflect the in-game model
  • Fixed a bug where some religions had cut off text in their description
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistencies in the descriptions for Extremely Hot and Heatstroke effects
  • Fixed a bug where the blood splatter effect in the background of some feat icons would disappear
  • Fixed a bug where two Dragonbone icons were displayed in the Dragonbone Arrows recipe
  • Fixed a bug with an inconsistent description of Alcohol Poisoning debuff in the Stats tab
  • Fixed a bug where Abysmal Flesh had no expiration timer
  • Friendly Pets and Thralls can no longer be target locked
  • It is now possible to rename placed chests
  • Fixed a bug where the corrupted part of the health and stamina bar would disappear after being depleted


  • Fixed a large number of floating placeables and world items including campfires, foliage, benches, bones, rocks, and many more.
  • Patched up holes and walls where players could get stuck such as inside the crocodile giant, wooden pillars in the Den, fall into cracks in the Volcano biome, certain locations in the Midnight Grove, and many more.
  • Barred places where players could reach an unplayable area in the Temple of Frost, the Archives, the King’s Niche, Bin-Yakin’s Seal, the Black Keep, and more.
  • Adjusted and fixed collision issues and texture gaps on structures, foliage, animals, and such.


  • Fixed a bug where the tools harvesting animation would not loop when the player was holding down the Attack button
  • Fixed a bug where the Polite Clap animation would end too quickly.


  • Fixed a bug with the same SFX being played upon arrows’ impact when hitting NPC and terrain
  • Fixed a bug where water could be heard in areas without water in Hanuman’s Grotto
  • Fixed a bug where rain SFX could be heard inside The Eye That Never Closes.
  • Fixed a bug with muffled SFX being heard from Blacksmith’s Bench.
  • Fixed a bug where the horn sound would loop during a Purge


Trello Report Board

We have a public bug tracking board here! You can check this to track the issues that get brought up by the community the most. In the “For prioritization” column you can vote for the issues you would like us to prioritize and we will make sure it gets moved into development asap. You can read the full details on how it works on the forum post here.

As always, please let us know any issues and feedback here on the official forums.
Thank you very much for being part of your community and for your ongoing support :slight_smile:


Thanks for improve the game :clap:
Will this patch fix the purge problem on PVE server too?

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No, the Purge fixes will go to TestLive first. We hope to have some of these updates deployed to TestLive before Christmas.


So…how do we get the DLC?

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This is a free update :slight_smile:


Well currently in game right now it has a little green arrow on all the new items under Feats, as if it were DLC, and is not unlockable.

Hola buenos días. Para cuando arreglan el código de error que aparece consistentemente muchas veces al día, tanto como para no dejar jugar a muchos jugadores que conozco incluyéndome. Todo muy bueno que arreglen cosas que no tienen que ver con el rendimiento del juego, pero si no podemos jugar como podemos disfrutar de esos arreglos ?Uploading: 1544457995214-406374328.jpg…

Those are for a future DLC. The regular katanas are available under the Bruiser feat :slight_smile:

Will the Flawless Epic Lemurian Warrior gear set give more than a total of +5 attribute points now? Or not covered in this crafting patch?

Can you guys pls implement where no players can block or put foundation around the Obelisk pls. This is a big problem in all servers due to players cant win in pvp fights and just resort to this dirty tactics and just want to destroy this game due to it.

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Why would this be listed in PS4 patch notes?

Because while checking for differences between the different patch notes it slipped through the cracks.

Thanks for the fixes!

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What do you mean? You don’t play through Steam on your PS4? xD :rofl:

Thanks for the fixes!

  • Javelins do not stack, but throwing axes do
  • Thralls are wonky, they don’t follow as much as teleport and they don’t fight anymore (PVE) even if they get hit

Hi and thanks for the report!
Thralls don’t attack at all?
Against specific enemies or against anything?

They will attack once, and then stop. I tried a couple of thralls with bows and two-handed swords, against skeletons, scorpions, and the dead dogs near the Arena. After one attack, they would just stand there.

EDIT: Pets seem to work fine though, just tried a wolf


Here is a video of the thrall bugs: SLASH nWPfo16L8Zg

EDIT: I can’t post links unfortunately, but you probably can piece the above together. Sorry mods :slight_smile:

im confused, i was able to make epic Aquilonian armor before in the improved bench,
not flawless or exceptional, just epic.
now its not even there, am i missing something now?
was something else arbitrarily changed yet again and not listed?