PS4 18+ [New server for Isles of Siptah PVP PVE new players welcome]

Young small server for Isles of Siptah. We still have some slots available and will add more slots depending on demand. Right now the server is populated with a mix of new and veteran players. Server settings are as follows x2 harvest, x2 experience, insta tame, insta craft, and reduced stamina cost. PVP settings are as follows, time restricted PVP on. We know everyone has lives and a busy schedule, having to worry about your base getting raided every day is an inconvenience. As such we restricted PVP to weekends only, PVP starts on Fridays at 5:00 and ends Sunday at 12:00 at night. Join our discord to chat with players, coordinate in game, plan, host and join events, as well as contact admins for help, ask questions or offer suggestions. Once more established we would like to incorporate some light RP elements those of you with ideas are more than welcome to come make them a reality. As for the players we would like to attract, we are looking for chill adults who are looking to enjoy the game. Community rules at a glance are be civil to one another it’s obvious that not everyone will get along but please remain civil and mature. We have a zero tolerance policy toward bullying, harassment, hate speech and racism. All accusations will be dealt with seriously and thoroughly looked in to anyone who is found lying about an accusation will be banned.