(Ps4) Brand New Ps4 PvP, 10x, InstaTame, American Server!


New Pvp server for Ps4 with 32 Slots! We want to keep it a friendly atmosphere but with faster paced Pvp. 10x across the board with Instant Taming. Build up quick, defend your base, and unleash hell for riches! No Admins on server (I rented this server for a couple friends that had a hard time with other servers whipping or changing important settings). I will keep the server clean of abandoned structures / raided bases after 5 days of inactivity. Please join the fun!

Server Name: New! (04/24/19) Permanent PvP, 10x, InstaTame!

Hey we playing on your server then a nuke came and turned it to 1x we crawled out of the bunker to this unknown familiar yet changed world of grinding barley can feed my slaves with these 1x scraps

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