[PS4] Cant Join ANY Server at PS4

Reporting a bug on behalf of my friend “Jozuka-”

After the update he cant join ANY server, private or official from the server list.
After waiting for the server list to fill and select the server, when pressing “O” (Japonese Ps4) to enter the server, nothing happens, the only option that works is press “X” and go back to the main menu.

Platform PS4
Servers: Any Server
Bug since: Last update (29/05)
PS4 Model: CUH 1215

You can see the evidence in video here: https://youtu.be/FR9FhbfMelA

I figured out they have a bug in the button clicking
When u see the server click cicle it become. Yellow right? Then click X it wll go. Into the game, but only work with server without password

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Happened to me too. Mine is a PS4 Pro in Taiwan. Please fix this, Conan. Haven’t played the game for 5 days :frowning:

Thanks man. Pressing X works for me.

Estou com o mesmo problema não entra em sessão nenhuma, a dica de apertar o X funcionou comigo também muito obrigado, espero que a FUNCOM resolva esta questão muitos jogadores não sabem nem mesmo onde encontrar uma resposta para este problema estou repassando aos amigos que conheço eata dica muito obrigado.

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