Ps4 LFG PvE, boosted harvest if possible

Looking for chilled PvE, age 30+. Building, dungeons etc. Have 100 plus hours on pc. Few friends play on ps4 so joined them. We are Looking for a 2.0 harvest boost is about it. EU or US. Cheers!

Hey me and some buddies got a server right now at 4x the rates and its pvp but only on the weekends.

Cool, whats the server info? Password?

Look up Dark Realms on PS4

Will do cheers!

Sweet i will be on within the next hour or so just finishing up work and ill be heading home to get my game on.

Need 1 more? Have been playing since the release on ps4. Twinkster30 PSN

Join up. Its a good server!

Yes we need more people we are having PVP this weekend so be aware. Clan PACK OF WOLVES is not attacking anyone unless we get attacked or messed with first. We are letting everyone build and experience the RP side of the game through out the week. We don’t want people feeling like they have to watch their back every minute of the day when playing on our server.