PS4 Looking for friends and PVE server

Hi everyone…

So I just started playing again, and I’m looking for a server to join, preferably with someone that will start fresh with me. I want a kind of “vanilla” server to play on, as in no exp or harvest buffs, basically just like official server settings. I like having to put a little work into the game…I would also like to be able to start with someone because I feel like the game gets boring when you are alone…
So please if anyone knows a good PVE server on PS4 with base multipliers and knows someone that is willing to start fresh with me…please let me know.
Thank you!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You are more than welcome to join us on pvp official server 3601 3 of us active every day. we are not fresh starts but not level 60 yet but we are all fairly new to the game and still have alot to learn. It is a very calm server only one huge clan and they are trying not to run people off. We could really use a 4th.

The big clan is more or less policing the server wiping anyone that raids people trying to get on their feet