PS4 new pvp rp server looking for members

Hi everyone! Are you looking for a new pvp server with a slight boost? Well we just started a new pvp server and are looking to populate it! Its fresh with plenty of locations to choose from and 5x exp/faster thralls and harvest. So come get your spots before someone else does!:slight_smile: We plan on doing some pvp events as well when the server gets more populated such as events like letting players fight in an arena for something rare to stuff like raiding the admins! Join the discord if you are interested or have any questions. Were a good group of friends that want to provide a fun pvp community. Rp friendly if you choose to do so let the nazarick clan know. Open to suggestions and were not ■■■■■■■ admins so have no fear of admin wrath if you choose to come raid us or someone else as long as you follow the rules. Only rule is please no offline raiding other players.
SERVER : 5x exp/harvest/PvP RP friendly and tougher thralls