[PS4] NEW SERVER #1310 Qgaming - Small(5) Clans/2x Harvest/XP/Discord with a shop

Dear funcom readers,

Today on the 30th of March 2020. Qgaming started an server on Conan Exiles, PS4. The server is hosted so 24/7 online. It has for now 20 slots, during the population it will be slots raised up higher!

If you are friendly, got some experience and like to build and battle. This is the right server for you.

Qgaming has a 2x Harvest and 2x XP settings. So it will be a bit easier than the officials are but still you got some work to do.

The PVP raiding is daily between 11:30 and 02:00 (local europe time)

Qgaming is also looking for experienced players wich want to help start the server up. With the knowlegde of more people, the server will be even better. Like i said. It started today, so there is still a lot of work todo. If you ask me, that is a nice challenge.

The server will be launched with a starter-pack for every new member. The new player will get a starter pack by requesting it in the discord of Qgaming. This will help everyone (experienced and new) with a fresh and good start.

Since the server just started, there is place enough to build an no massive clan to fight against.

Be free to join the server and play! If you have questions, you can ask them below here or join the Discord.

Discord: #1310 Q-gaming - Conan Exiles (discord.gg/AD7xUf)

Qgaming is saying sorry already if there is something still under construction.

Greetings and see you soon,
Team Qgaming.

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