[PS4][RP-PVP][NA] Wildlands of Anthium recruiting players

Google Wildlands of Anthium to find our forums.

Come join the forums to get access to the server, and our discord. Active server but still fairly low population and looking for more! We feature both forums and a discord server for community interaction and roleplay.

Our admin is active in providing us with different world events as well. The server is full pvp, with some minor restrictions to prevent people being driven off the server (ie: anti-griefing rules). The community is active and friendly, and most times even after a raid, enemies will help their defeated victims get back on their feet to keep the server healthy and fun for all involved.

Come check us out and create a character!

Server size is currently 30, with the option to expand if we start seeing it full on a regular basis. Max clan size is currently 5.

I run one of the two so called “alpha clans” on the server, but we are looking for a couple more players/characters. We are an evilish themed group based mostly in the desert with our home base set at the southern aqueducts, just before the wall that separates the desert from the green north. Check us out.

Bump… still looking. Hit us up :sunglasses: