PS4 Subotai's 4 Winds PVP Server & Special Events


Welcome All,

We are a small group of gamers who have rented our own 40 slot PVP server for a year, and are looking to populate it and enjoy the game as a community. Right now there is only about 10 of us that are active on it, but we are here looking for some more good folks.

All we ask is that you be mature, respectful of new players i.e. not a 10-20 levels higher preying on new players, and just try to enjoy the game as much as possible. We currently have the server set to near official parameters, but if our community grows we will certainly hear everyone’s wishes should something want or need to be changed.

We have 3 admins, we do not abuse or rarely use admin powers as there is no fun in the game running around as a gods…so should you see this, and are interested or want more info, please feel free to message me here or ingame on PS4, PSN: Jackyl7980

Thanks, and hope to see you ingame soon!

Bump…Looking for more active players to join us!

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Still looking for active players. We have several new additions to the server but would love to see more. We offer double xp weekends with special starter loot packs when admins are on.

I’ve been looking for a good private server to call home. I’ll be joining up this evening to check it out. PSN: Valpohawk.

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