PS4 Update - Age of War Chapter 3 - Last Update: Hotfix 3 - 2024.02.06

Greetings Exiles,

The Age of War – Chapter 3 Update is here! The time to truly test your steel has come.

Will you bring down the walls of your enemy or break yourself against them?

The Siege of al-Merayah

For the first time, PvE players will know the thrill of razing what their enemies have built to the ground. Stygia has consolidated their might into a fully destructible fortress built atop the ruins of al-Merayah. In the top chamber of the central keep, surrounded by his ill-gotten riches, the Commander of the Stygian invasion awaits your challenge. How you reach him is up to you!

Open Your Tavern

Craft the bar counter, rescue the barkeep, and open a tavern where legends are born. Patrons from all over the Exiled Lands will visit, and for the right price, they will even follow you. The barkeep has their ear to the ground, and knows how to reach people. Speak to them to summon important contacts like Isscar the Sellsword, who will provide valuable items for sale.

Battle Pass & Bazaar Cosmetics

New cosmetic building pieces, decorations, pets, armors, weapons, emotes, emblems and more have arrived in the Chapter 3 Battle Pass and Bazaar! Rule your own wooden longhouse with the expanded Aesir building set, and make your tavern unique with new Vanir and Yamatai-themed decorations. Before employing your battle tactics in the field, test the sharpness of your wit with the massive new chessboard



  • NPCs and Followers that swap from Ranged attacks (bows) to Melee may have their rotation break.
    • This is much less frequent with NPCs
    • In the event that their animation breaks, there is no current known workaround. But it will be resolved on server restart.
    • To avoid this issue, make sure to set your archer thralls to prefer ranged weapons/do not give them a melee weapon. And do not give a ranged weapon to your melee thralls.
    • There is a fix for this issue coming in the next release.
  • Players, NPCs, and Followers will rarely enter into an unintended animation state where they appear like a cowboy ready to quickdraw
    • The only currently known workaround for players is to enter the jumping state
      • Followers and NPCs will be stuck in this state until server restart
    • While in this state, characters are unable to attack, as their animations are locked.
  • King Ctesphon is currently misspelled as King Ctsephon.
  • Purge Demolisher enemy NPCs do more damage than intended to structures/doors
  • Performance in the area of The Siege of Al-Merayah Raid Base is lower on previous generation consoles, optimizations are ongoing to increase performance


  • Features
    • The Siege of Al-Merayah!
      • The Stygian invasion has occupied The Ruins of Al-Merayah! A new fully destructible base has been erected in the area of al-Merayah filled with Stygian invaders
      • Use the new Battering Ram and assorted other methods (explosives, trebuchets, climbing, whatever you can imagine) to infiltrate the base and combat the Stygian army and their Commander!
        • The Battering Ram can be found inside of the Stygian al-Merayah base, as well as in Isscar’s store after he is freed from the Purge and hired from the Barkeeper!
      • Once the Commander has been defeated and all players have left the immediate proximity of the base, the entirety of the Structure and encounters will reset allowing the experience to be played through again!
    • Tavern and Barkeeper!
      • The Bar building piece is now unlockable from the Knowledge Tab at Level 20!
      • Free a Barkeeper from captivity in the Purge and bring him back to your Settlement as a Thrall!
        • Assign the Barkeeper to the Bar to act as a new vendor of both items and special Patron Contacts that can be hired temporarily in your base (Currently Isscar the Sellsword can be hired once freed from the Purge, look for more Special Patron Contracts to come in future updates!)
      • Once the Barkeeper is manning the Bar, randomized Patrons will begin to visit your Tavern and all nearby seats/chairs will become available for Patrons to visit and occupy
        • Some of these Patrons can be persuaded to join you as a Thrall in exchange for some gold after speaking to them should you desire their services
    • Misc Updates
      • New Purge Items
        • Siege Cauldrons can now have Thralls slotted into them to automate their combat functionality
        • Archer Post has been added! (Slot a thrall with a bow into this new placeable to have them act as a stationary overwatch archer)
          • Archer Post can be unlocked as a Purge Reward both as individual drops and as a schematic at higher Purge Difficulties
      • Added Camel Mounts
        • Camels can now be tamed and used as mounts
        • Baby camels should now be trainable in Stables!
        • Camels have a slightly larger inventory with 10 more slots than a horse
  • New Challenges:
    • Place down a Mercenary Banner
    • Kill the Stygian Commander
    • Kill a Miniboss in the Stygian stronghold
    • Visit the Stygian Stronghold
    • Rescue 1 exile after a successful purge defense
    • Hire 1 Exiles at your tavern
  • New Battle Pass! Age of War Chapter 3 Battle Pass includes a complete set of placeables, armors, emotes, pets, and more, letting you personalize you brand new Tavern under the Aesir Banner!
  • New Bazaar items and rotations! Age of War Chapter 3 Bazaar includes new mounts, armours, or even new building pieces for your Aesir Stronghold! Plenty more to come, including a Yamatai Tavern, and some rumors are even talking about a pirate…
  • New Twitch Drops Campaigns & Rewards coming in the future. Keep an eye on our social media channels!


  • Rubble from War Torn Ruins set can now be placed on foundations.
  • Updated icons for War-torn Foundations to display the correct icons
  • Replacing a ceiling with Aesir Ceiling no longer results in destruction of any placeables on top of ceiling
  • Dismantling a Pyramid doorframe or door no longer results in an additional floating door.
  • Reduced weight for taxidermied animals and trophies.
  • The Stygian War Drum will now correctly align with terrain, allowed it to be placed on angled surfaces.
  • It’s no longer possible to place floor decals in the exact same spot as another decal, although some overlap is allowed.
  • The Ivory War Horn and the Stygian War Drum are now placed in the “Instruments” category of placeables as intended.
  • Illusionist painting should no longer block players placing objects in front of it.
  • Added new categories to the construction hammer for several placeable types.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to build fence foundations through other foundations.
  • It should now be easier to place wooden storage boxes on top of Nordheimer shelves.
  • Fixed lance placements in weapon display racks.
  • Shields can no longer be placed on weapon display racks.
  • Rough Timber now has its own section in the construction hammer menu.
  • Rough Timber Foundations now have 10k health, just like Sandstone foundations.
  • Aesir Blacksmith bench and Turanian Camp Cook Stove now have particles and lights on them.
    • Note: Only while the stations are active/running.
  • Stygian War Drum should now have a smaller contact box, and will no longer float.
  • Crystal Statue of Conan should now be returnable to inventory in singleplayer as well as dedicated server.
  • Removed “Interact” option from Medicine Jar, Mortar, Incense, and Scale placeables.
  • Adjusted placeable coin piles to prevent floating appearance and generally improve the textures.
  • The Turanian Curved Ceiling can now be placed on top of walls.
  • Players can now copy the Aesir Fence piece when using the construction hammer with the middle mouse button on PC
  • The Vendhyan Treasure Bag will now show up in the Arcane Knowledge section in Ancestral Knowledge with the other DLC treasures


  • Reduced crafting cost for T1 Furnaces to 250 stone.
  • Increased the amount of oil from pressing items in the Fluid Press to a minimum of 2 instead of 1.
  • Reduced the amount of resources required to produce ichor in the fluid press to approximately half.
  • Most equippable items should now be possible to dismantle, even if they’re not craft-able. This includes legendary items and champion weapons.
  • Journey Steps which require crafting tools or weapons should now automatically resolve if players have tools or weapons of equal or higher tier in their inventory.
  • Added “Give All” and “Give” buttons to the Improved Dismantling Bench.
  • Items that cannot be dismantled can no longer be placed inside Dismantling Benches, making “Give All” more useful.
  • Fixed an issue where Gurnakhi Vandal armor required Medium ingredients to craft despite being a heavy armor.
  • Blood Crystal weapon crafting costs have been unified and now cost 50% of the normal main material (Iron/Star Metal) and 50% Blood Crystal.
  • Crafting The Keystone should no longer leave ghost remnants of ingredients behind.
  • Pictish Rite Dancer Footwraps are now crafted at the correct workbench.
  • Stygian Invader Armor recipe is now correctly marked as armor in the Armorer’s Bench.


  • Humanoid and Animal enemies will now rotate during their attacks to better track players when fighting
  • Reduced “Leash” or “De-Aggro” ranges for most wildlife.
    • Dungeon Creatures, Bosses, and Humanoid/Intelligent creatures have retained their former leash-ranges.
  • Enemy NPCs should no longer snap rotate towards players but instead smoothly rotate.
  • [Due to a Cease and Desist from the Jackson Estate] enemy NPCs should no longer moonwalk between attacks.
  • NPCs now use weapons with some semblance of intelligence when it comes to picking what combos to use.
    • More NPCs now also use Great-Axes, Short Swords and Claw weapons.
  • The following spears now have a new moveset:
    • Spire
    • Reach of the Warrior
    • Nkosi’s Pike
    • Pike of Prince Kraxus
    • Warspear of the Black Circle
    • Spear of the Grey Ones
    • Kingslayer Polearm
  • Resurrected Corpse can no longer be affected by Bleeding and Poison status.
  • Thunnha Javelin is now marked with the “Bleed” descriptor.
  • The fist attack can no longer be unequipped. Please show your hands at all times.


  • Reduced damage modifiers for The Darfari Elite (most notably the Cannibal Brute) from x6 to x3.
  • Tamed lions are now named “Lion” and “Greater Lion” in the admin panel instead of both being named “Tamed Lion”.
  • Deformed bear, Iron Hound Construct, and Zar Tiger collisions have been adjusted.
  • Armored Hyenas can now also be crafted from Striped Hyena pets.
  • Bearer Packs should no longer have invisible parts.
  • NPCs should no longer leash when an emote ends.
  • Fixed several issues where NPCs were laggy or rubber-banding when just a short distance away from the player.
  • HP and Armor Scaling should now be consistent between normal and battle pass pet variants.


  • Changed Potion of Midnight crafting location to a crafting station near the Werehyena that teaches the recipe.
    • This station is the only place where the Potion of Midnight can be crafted.
    • Previously crafted/stockpiled Potions of Midnight have been removed due to the change in how they are crafted.
  • Voidforged weapons will no longer drop as regular loot.
  • Upper damage range for variable Champion weapons reduced from 1.2 to 1.1
  • Removed the “Respawn with all loot” function from Kurak’s dungeon.
  • Legendary loot will no longer drop from the Asura and/or Sorcery Cave chests.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sobek chest piece granted half of the intended health-bonus.
  • Fixed an issue where the non-epic Turanian Bandit Helm granted too much stamina.
  • [Warpaint - Boar], [Warpaint - Stygian], and [Warpaint - Bear] now require the correct type of dye instead of black dye to be crafted.
  • Removed the dismembered leg and arm from harvesting humanoids.
    • These items can still be obtained in other ways, but you will no longer find multiple legs and arms while harvesting dead humanoids.
  • Removed food drops from Wights.
  • Lowered cooked food drop chances from NPCs in general.
  • Cobra Alpha thralls no longer have inferior health to Giant Snake Alpha thralls
  • Giant Snake Alpha does less damage


  • Musashi’s Black Blade is now appropriately black.
  • Armor Mannequin inventory has been updated so that it shares an appearance with the player character equipment window.
  • The Armor Mannequin now has a hot-swap button for changing between equipped armor sets.
  • Thralls can now be assigned to chairs.
  • Players will now be prompted with a message upon entering an invalid admin password.


  • Sorcery Pages can once again be dismantled as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where killing the Imp King did not complete the Imp King challenge.
  • Ymir’s Targe now properly grants cold resistance instead of heat resistance.
  • The Witch Doctor Mask will now drop from Darfari Witch Doctors in the Exiled Lands.
  • Characters can now teleport as normal after using the ctrl+Admin Teleport command on the map menu.
  • Explosive jars can now be triggered with arrows, and players may now perform chain explosions with multiple nearby explosive jars on PVE servers.
  • Fixed an issue where events were causing crashes when approached.
  • “Unstable ???” item no longer drops when skinning the guards of the Demonologist Witch Hunt event on the Exiled Lands map.
  • Removed double borders from several weapons that had their rarity updated.
  • Fixed an issue where several weapons dropped from the Surge would have incorrect (0) damage stats.
  • Fixed a number of weapon gameplay tags and weapon types.
  • Composite Obsidian can now be placed inside “Storage Container: Metalworking”.
  • Skinning Storage container now accepts all types of hides and fur.
  • Foraging Storage container now accepts all types of seeds, vines and coral.
  • The “Vanir Chieftain Horned Helmet” no longer removes the character’s facial hair while equipped.
  • Aquilonian Scout Saddle bridle now properly attaches to the head.
  • PVP/PVE Damage to Player Structures will now persist after server restart.
  • Snake pets can now be harvested, if you wanted to harvest your pet.


  • Flotsam crates should no longer appear to be floating when stuck in ice.
  • It should no longer rain in any of the Children of Jhil caves on the northeast border.
  • Fixed an issue where players could reach certain unintended spots in the Kurak Dungeon by double-jumping.
  • Missing Sepermeru bridge textures have been corrected.


  • Using the Emote “Shhhhh!” no longer distorts the left side of the character’s face
  • The 2h Spear heavy opener animation has been adjusted.


  • Removed blank categories from the Emote Wheel.
  • Removed Legendary tag from Godbreaker armor set.
  • When consuming a Fragment of Power, it will now correctly say “Knowledge point” instead of “Feat point”.
  • Stygian Trebuchet Frame and Arms are now labeled correctly in game when crafting them at the Trebuchet.
  • Removed outdated loading tip about repairing items.
  • “Harvest Bloodstone” challenge is now, correctly, named “Harvest Blood Crystals”.
  • Ophidian Magi Saddle should now appear under the correct Ancestral Knowledge section.
  • Removed question marks from Large and Small Treasure pile descriptions
  • “Superior Pike” has been renamed to “Blood Crystal Glaive” with updated descriptions
  • “Vendhyan Treasure Hunter” armor is no longer has the same description as “Aesir Chieftain” armor


  • Removed water sound from hitting the Turanian Stove
  • Snakes have been asked to lower their volume, and should now be quieter
    • Note: Even Set has gotten the memo and will temporarily be lowering his own volume in solidarity. Thank you, Set.

We will update this section with any changes and fixes applied to the patchnotes document post-release.

2023.12.15 10:00 CEST

Added information to the Known issues section.

2023.12.14 16:00 CEST

Removed from crafting fixes:

  • Vendhyan Treasure Bag can now be found in the Ancestral Knowledge.

Reason: Repeated line.

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New hotfix available (2024.01.16)


  • Removed a method for creating floating ceilings
  • Addressed several undermesh locations and a method for travel from undermesh bases


  • New server setting: BuildingValidationEnabled (true/false) - false by default
    • Setting this to “true” will upon server startup destroy any building piece with no stability
    • Note to server admins: consider carefully whether to turn this on or not, and perhaps testing locally first, as constructions made before more recent bug fixes might be impacted


  • Yamatai Floor Pillow is now located in the “Decorative” category in the construction hammer menu to avoid confusion about functionality. We are working on making them usable as seats.
  • Armor display stands now correctly show the armors’ dyed looks
  • Armor display stands no longer turn partially invisible upon loading
  • Female armor display stand once again reflects gravity
  • Vanir Chieftain Hammer now displays correctly on a display rack


  • Dead Leg and The Glasser now correctly requires an improved workbench (or better) to be crafted


  • Jhebbal Sag is no longer invulnerable to projectile attacks


  • Camels can now be placed in stables
  • Prisoners rescued from cages on Isle of Siptah will no longer be ungrateful and just walk away
  • Thralls now consistently turn to face their enemies before taking a swing at them
  • Thralls assigned to bar stools (and other less important objects) now return to their correct position after a bar fight (and other less important activities)


  • Purge Demolishers have been toned down


  • The Siege of al-Merayah
    • Fixed a condition where the siege would not reset properly
    • Resets no longer keeps additional surviving defenders around for next time
    • Vanquishing Commander Bak-Nimlot now provides less XP
    • Commander Bak-Nimlot is now always audible over other sounds
    • Added a short delay on the final fanfareVoidforge weapons no longer disappear from corpses on Isle of Siptah
  • Purge bases will no longer spawn outside the Curse Wall
  • The “Craft a trap” journey step now resolves when placing a trap using the construction hammer
  • Fixed visual on Corsair Cutlass basket-hilt when viewed from a bit farther away


  • Data Collection Policy prompt will now open in a browser if Steam Overlay is disabled
  • Setting for auto-facing on attack removed as it was no longer used

New hotfix available (2024.02.06)


  • Resolved a memory leak affecting some servers


  • Fixed a server crash involving an interaction with pillars and ceiling pieces

  • Fixed an item duplication exploit


  • Spit Roast Campfire now has a thrall slot


  • Avatars once again take damage as intended


  • Fixed an issue where the camera was incorrectly snapping to a dead target after they had been killed while locked on

Please note that the PS4 Japanese version will release tomorrow instead, at 13:00 UTC.