PS4 Update - Age of War Chapter 3 - Last Update: Hotfix 3 - 2024.02.06

New hotfix available (2024.01.16)


  • Removed a method for creating floating ceilings
  • Addressed several undermesh locations and a method for travel from undermesh bases


  • New server setting: BuildingValidationEnabled (true/false) - false by default
    • Setting this to “true” will upon server startup destroy any building piece with no stability
    • Note to server admins: consider carefully whether to turn this on or not, and perhaps testing locally first, as constructions made before more recent bug fixes might be impacted


  • Yamatai Floor Pillow is now located in the “Decorative” category in the construction hammer menu to avoid confusion about functionality. We are working on making them usable as seats.
  • Armor display stands now correctly show the armors’ dyed looks
  • Armor display stands no longer turn partially invisible upon loading
  • Female armor display stand once again reflects gravity
  • Vanir Chieftain Hammer now displays correctly on a display rack


  • Dead Leg and The Glasser now correctly requires an improved workbench (or better) to be crafted


  • Jhebbal Sag is no longer invulnerable to projectile attacks


  • Camels can now be placed in stables
  • Prisoners rescued from cages on Isle of Siptah will no longer be ungrateful and just walk away
  • Thralls now consistently turn to face their enemies before taking a swing at them
  • Thralls assigned to bar stools (and other less important objects) now return to their correct position after a bar fight (and other less important activities)


  • Purge Demolishers have been toned down


  • The Siege of al-Merayah
    • Fixed a condition where the siege would not reset properly
    • Resets no longer keeps additional surviving defenders around for next time
    • Vanquishing Commander Bak-Nimlot now provides less XP
    • Commander Bak-Nimlot is now always audible over other sounds
    • Added a short delay on the final fanfareVoidforge weapons no longer disappear from corpses on Isle of Siptah
  • Purge bases will no longer spawn outside the Curse Wall
  • The “Craft a trap” journey step now resolves when placing a trap using the construction hammer
  • Fixed visual on Corsair Cutlass basket-hilt when viewed from a bit farther away


  • Data Collection Policy prompt will now open in a browser if Steam Overlay is disabled
  • Setting for auto-facing on attack removed as it was no longer used