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Return to Inventory not working on ps5 don’t know if its a bug or its not been implemented yet on ps5 all it dose is allow me to destroy them its really annoying

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  1. load game
    2.start building
    3.dismantle building pieces
  2. (etc)

My entire clan is on PS5 and we have not had this issue. If you cannot return to inventory, check the building piece with a repair hammer. It’s probably damaged. You can ONLY RTI if the health is 100%.



This is a known issue, which only affects single player mode. It appears to be linked to use of the Admin panel.

I found a possible workaround, you can read that here.

Also some other related topics;

Good luck!

I have the exact same issue on my PS5. The workarounds are not helpful. Someone suggested I uninstall the game and reinstall it.

Sorry about that, I think it only works if your cloud save wasn’t synced (before you close the game).

Restarting a new save, or reinstalling will solve the issue, but won’t guarantee it doesn’t return.

The best option currently, is continue to dismantle building pieces. Rather than reinstalling, or restarting.

Good luck.

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