Can't pick up structure pieces anymore

mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Hardware: PS4 (regular not pro)

So when the update dropped everything worked fine for picking up walls and foundations. Then I decided to splurge and got Siptah as well as the new DLC. Those work fine what the problem I have is? That I can’t pickup ANY building peice.

I just can’t figure out what I did since I was upgrading stonebrick foundations to the new dlc pieces but then I couldn’t pick those up. That’s when I noticed it. So I went into admin mode, spawned in a few different types of sets, then placed them disconnected. I couldn’t pickup any of them anymore.

All I had was the destroy option or cancel. I didn’t change any settings they were all left on normal difficulty. I checked each piece with a repair hammer too. None were damaged and decay by settings was off too. I did check if there was a box to tick though in settings for picking them up. I didn’t see one but if there is sorry for missing it.

It’s not a major deal to me since I’m already used to stocking extras for mistakes. It’s just that I’d have to stock less if I could pick them up. The only thing I really did was buy the new dlc and Siptah. Though I love the new build set and chainmail a LOT.

Thanks for any help I can get.


Welcome to the Forum. My wife and I purchased the new Dlc Thursday and have been picking up pieces with no problem we are playing on a private Siptah server. One thing we have found new crenelations and fences do no damage. Perhaps you are experiencing a offline issue. If it continues you may want to report to Zendesk. @Community any help. You won’t get a answer till Monday. Good luck my friend.


Thanks for the help I’ll check my connection then I didn’t think of THAT. Will have to do it after work though I’ll come back to this tonight.



Welcome to the forum!

I think I may have found a solution to this issue check my post here;


Thanks so much! I can definitely do that!


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