Purge Your Soul, A Simple Poll

Have you been purged?

  • Purge
  • No Purge

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Please respond here with
The name of your clan

Clan name: blackvale

not as simple as that…

Yes we have been purged official server - but only 1 wave 1 time… rest of the time maybe say 10 or so… we got the purge message it ended before a single wave.

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OK then. Clan name or first character of clan name if you’re shy? :wink:

This is only for official servers? I have been purged 3 times myself. I play single player in a dedicated server.

Three times over two weeks, once when I was offline (which I changed not to allow) and twice while I was online to defend.

First time was Hyenas on a random block of foundations I had put to house an elevator and the second was imps… many imps… lots of them, on my main base.

Purge settings are mostly default… I just tweaked the start/end times to best match my schedule. I changed the Min Online Player to 1 from 0 and changed 24 purges per day to 6. All the rest is at default, AFAIK.

Character Name: Irina
Clan Name: none (as in, no clan was created)
Server Type: Permanent Local dedicated server hosted on my own PC

Only time I ever saw a purge was after my server installed the Age of Calamitous mod. Does that count?? I never once got one in vanilla.

Just to clarify, this is any purge at all. And it will be helpful for any data correlation, to know the name or first letter/number of your clan.

We have gotten the purge but unfortunately it always ends as none of our bases are located on the ground but within crevices of the mountain ranges above things. So all purges end before they start.

Pit of Snakes.

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Yup, skelebobs purged me.

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I haven’t been purged yet… but I’m also not in a Clan so I’m not sure if I’ll get one…

I play on Official PvE - Xbox

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I have been Purged once as a single player on one server near the South River (within my first week of game play).

I have never been Purged when a member of a clan. I was able to go from character creation to max level, plus dungeons, plus resource gathering for cosmetic items, plus emote hunting, plus building a second and even third base, and even plain exploration without a single Purge (over the span of several weeks). Purge meter is full, and has been for a while, but no Purge.

Yes, once, about three weeks ago.
Clan name: Sons of Sigmar.

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Yes, i just finished a 10 wave Daffarri cannibal purge, with at least 4 different named tralls, i think there was 5, but im tired , and im sorry but im not searching thru 70 some dead bodys to see, the other 30 or 40 some already turned into loot bags by time i was done , goodnight everyone, or good morning :sleeping:almost forgot, im on single player, and no clan.

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Quick information: If your Purge ends shortly after it started, it most of the time means the poor things couldn’t find a proper rally point to plan and start the attack.
This is known by the team and we already have an internal fix :slight_smile:


yea, or they get killed on the way too, ive actually watched this happen, i have a pretty good location now,they come from 5 different locations now, so i haven’t had any problems :smile:

Close to 300h played on officials after release, no purge.

Only two purges that spawned a single wave, and more than a dozen of notification only purges, on plain accessible bases (where wild turtles, panthers or hyenas can easily access it, every day).
Purge meter full since a week after release.

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question? a while after you get the notifications does it say you defeated them ? or at anytime say they are regrouping?

Purged multiple times (private server)
Clan: Blue

Note, I have been onlinr for only one, but multiple clanmstes have had to deal with several purges at times when I was not online. I only saw the aftermath.


If there’s no “instant defeat,” you need to get to the X on the map quickly. After you defeat a wave, another will come after a message saying the critters are regrouping. After defeat / win, you receive a final message. Great job with the Darfari reporting – it’s my first collected report of a human purge. Huzzah!

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Hi, Barnes, while i was on here earlyer i forgot i still had the game on, when i went back i was in the middle of another purge, i made a post about it -My favorite purge so far, i forgot to put my settings back, i probably would’ve got a purge every 20 min. or so

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